Wheelchair Exercises Weight Loss

Wheelchair exercises for weight loss can help you to look better and to be healthier. Getting enough exercise to burn calories and shed those excess pounds can be challenging. For wheelchair users, it is even more difficult than for able-bodied people. The  Invictus Active Trainer is the answer for you.

What is the Invictus Active Trainer?

It is a revolutionary roller trainer designed by wheelchair users to help other wheelchair users improve their fitness. This wheelchair training machine is lightweight and easy to setup. You can use it in your home, garage, or garden. It folds down for easy storage when not in use. It is the ideal way to exercise whenever you want.

Using the trainer is easy. You simply push yourself up the ramp and position your driving wheels onto the rollers. Then you push, just as you normally would. On the trainer, however, you don’t have to worry about road or weather conditions. Additionally, you can concentrate on your pushing technique and on exercising all of your muscle groups.

The Invictus Active Trainer is suitable for wheelchair users of all ages. You can also increase the resistance of the rollers to make your workout harder. Additionally, on the trainer, you can push backwards. This lets you exercise muscles in different ways.

Regular workouts on the trainer will help to build muscle and increase your stamina and coordination. The trainer can help everyone improve their health and mobility. People around the world are enjoying the benefits of the trainer. It offers an easy way to get a great upper body workout right in your own home. Additionally, the trainer is used by professional athletes looking to reach the next level in their sport.

Why the trainer is ideal for wheelchair exercises for weight loss

A 30-minute workout on the Invictus Active Trainer can burn up to 350-kcal. So it really can help you to lose weight. Combine regular exercise with a healthy diet for best results. Work out and eat fruits and vegetables, and you will shed those extra pounds. Maintaining an appropriate weight can help to protect you from heart disease and diabetes among other conditions. Additionally, you will look better and feel better about yourself.

Wheelchair exercise equipment to help you lose weight…

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Workouts and wheelchair exercises for weight loss

The trainer is super-convenient. You can leave it set up to do a quick workout whenever you have a chance. Also, with the smart model of the Invictus Active Trainer, you can record the distance and speed you cover in your workout. Additionally, the smart plus model lets you view your heart rate as you exercise. The smart models connect via the app to your tablet or phone. They can really help you to keep track of your progress on the trainer

Many people find that following a workout program helps them to maintain motivation. Ella Beaumont has just produced some great workout videos on the trainer. Check out her Weight Loss Workout here. This inspirational young athlete will put you through your paces. Each session lasts 30-minutes with a warm-up. The specially designed exercises in this calorie-burning workout really work. Furthermore, Ella makes exercising fun and effective.

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Discover for yourself how wheelchair exercises for weight loss are most effective when done on the Invictus Active Trainer.

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