Wheelchair Basketball Fitness Equipment Rollers

Wheelchair basketball is an intense sport and like any sport being as fit as possible will help improve your game. The below looks at three pieces of equipment that is ideal to improve wheelchair basketball fitness – including some rollers and arm and leg exercise for cardio.

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1) Invictus Active Trainer - from £799

Invictus Active Trainer is a far-sighted innovation of Paul Cooksey and Scott Smith, who are both wheelchair users. This is a lightweight portable machine, which has two adjustable ramps and is easy to get onto. You simply have to wheel yourself up the ramp and fasted your wheel chair on the clamps, specially designed for it. Then can start spinning the wheels of your chair easily.

The Invictus Active Trainer also helps in training athletes and sports people in strength training and high intensity workouts. Manufacturers claim that you could lose weight, burn 350 kcal with 30 minute workout. This nifty new gadget is portable and lightweight which helps in easy storage and transportation. The Invictus Active Trainer is a great machine to stay fit and healthy by helping you develop your stamina and muscle strength, shed flab and stay active. You can use it indoors or outdoors and is also technologically savvy with the smart model, where you can record distance covered, heart rate and calories burnt by linking it with smartphone or tablet with app. The most important point with the Invictus Active Trainer is its affordability and the quality of material used ensure durability as well.

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2) YouBike - from £1395

YouBike is first firmly secure on the floor for wheelchair users and on the bed in the case of bed bound users or to exercise different muscles in a lying down position. Then the users are safely secured on to the YouBikeTM via the belts. Then the height of the machine and the tension is adjusted based on the users preference and requirement. The user then rotates the handle bar of the YouBike, which are connected via a belt to the foot pedals, which trigger the pedals to move, thus simultaneously exercising the upper and lower body parts effectively.
Youbike is a convenient and user-friendly exercise bike can be used for strength training, balance enhancing and weight loss for anyone who uses a wheel chair or needs support to walk. People suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc., where they have balance and coordination issues, the YouBike, helps in ensuring that they are able to improve on these issues. What’s more, you can comfortably work out on the YouBikeTM from the comfort of your home., thanks to its flexibility and light-weight. As wheelchair basketball fitness equipment this will improve your overall cardio fitness.

Fitness bike Paraplegic
Use the YouBike from your wheelchair.

3) Berkel Bike - from £6995

Berkel Bike is a well-researched and ergonomically put together innovation that helps the user exercise his entire body to the fullest. This tri-cycle, with a wide wheelbase provides the extra balance required to ensure that the user concentrated on the various parts of their body for strength training rather than the balance aspect. It is available in multiple models like Berkel Bike fitness, Berkel bike connect, Berkel Bike Pro etc. Berkel Bike fitness can be used for individuals who are completely bedridden, but need to do exercise. Berkel Bike Connect is the ideal exercise bike for patients recovering from spinal surgeries, seniors with mobility issues and paraplegics. The Berkel Bike Pro is compatible with virtual training software to help individuals with limited mobility exercise their upper body, abs and legs especially for individuals with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and stroke. With all the available variants and exercise options, the Berkel Bike is extensively used by well-known surgeons and therapists globally for its proven track record in effectively helping patients recovering from spinal and back surgeries. The Berkel Bike connect and pro models, double up as a means of transportation and give the users a great feeling of liberation, independence and exhilaration. As a wheelchair basketball player you can improve you overall fitness that will transfer to the court.

Paraplegic fitness legs and arms Berkel Bike
Fitness equipment for Paraplegic.

Wheelchair basketball fitness equipment to improve your game!