Paraplegic Fitness Equipment

Finding the right fitness equipment is not always easy and if you are looking specifically for paraplegic fitness equipment then this can be an even bigger task. There are some good pieces of equipment out there that can be used in the home and will provide the fitness you need as a paraplegic / spinal cord injury. What makes good fitness equipment is something that will work on the cardio and build muscle strength, but not take a long time to set-up. If you are looking for something to use at home then space is also a key factor.

We’ve taken a look below at a three ideal fitness solutions that are available to buy – at an affordable price! – and use in your home.

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1) Invictus Active Trainer - from £799

This ‘wheelchair trainer’ is ideal for all manual wheelchair users – you simple wheel up onto the trainer in your every day chair and start pushing. It’s designed to simulate pushing on the road and enables you to build up strength in the arm muscles, improve your core stability and gives and overall cardio workout.

You can take it as easy or as intense as you require – if you are working on core stability and pushing technique then you can push at a steady pace and control core muscles that you may. If you don’t have stomach muscles then you can still work on balence and work other groups that you use on a daily basis to improve balence, often it is about technique – stationary on the trainer allows you to work on this.

If you are looking to get fit – then the trainer will certainly help you achieve this! – you can push fast and intense and doing this for a short period of 5 minutes to start with will get the heart rate going. it also connects to your phone or tablet via an app and records speed, distance and heart rate.

Watch this video to see how this paraplegic fitness equipment works…

2) YouBike - from £1395

The YouBike is the answer if you are looking for arm and leg paraplegic fitness equipment – it only weighs 12 kg and fold flat for storage, making it ideal for the home. The cost of the YouBike is also impressive, whilst it offers the same fitness gains from other equipment available to buy. The benefits of moving the legs as a Paraplegic is about getting the blood flow and circulation, reducing the risk of pressure sores and other complications of not moving your legs.

The YouBike comes with support pedals so you can fasten your legs in securley and ensure your knees are in-line with your feet. the way the bike works is it rotates in tandem with the feet pedals – so your arms will be doing all the work but your legs will go around at the same time.

Fitness bike Paraplegic
Use the YouBike from your wheelchair.

3) Berkel Bike - from £6995

The Berkel Bike is not widely known but is a fantastic bike that you can use indoors on a ‘rolling road’ or outdoors for bike rides! – it is also compatable with full FES (Functional Electrical Simulation) and you can really get your legs going. Again the arms and legs work in tandem and are connected. the Berkel Bike is Paraplegic exercise equipment that ticks a whole range of boxes – for arms and leg exercise, building muscles strength and increasing overall cardio fitness and muscle tone in the legs.

Paraplegic fitness legs and arms Berkel Bike
Fitness equipment for Paraplegic.

If you are looking for a particular type of fitness equipment for a Paraplegic – then feel free to contact us as we may be able to help.