Disability Fitness Equipment

There is a varied choice of disability fitness equipment out there to view – we have had a look at three ideal bits of equipment that is suitable for all disabilities to work the arms or legs – to improve overall fitness and increase muscle strength.

As disability fitness equipment we feel these offer a great choice – for cardio and muscle strength!

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Invictus Active Trainer from £799

The Invictus Active Trainer is an innovative and user-friendly device for all wheel-chair users and ideal disability fitness equipment that helps them to build strength and stamina and deal with balance issues. The flexible design of the Invictus Active Trainer makes it easy for use with any size of wheel chair and its lightweight and compact design make it convenient to carry it around. In the advanced versions you can even hook it up to your phone or your tablet, to check on the distance covered. In short it works like a treadmill for those on a wheel chair.

For beginners, it helps to correct your technique of using the wheel chair and also helps you to learn the optimal style for you without straining any other part of your body. For regular wheel chair users, the Invictus Active Trainer helps you build your arm and hand muscles and also stamina. Another plus for regular wheel chair users, the Invictus Active Trainer helps fight flab, control your weight and aids weight loss. Invictus Active Trainer comes with a user-friendly manual as to how you can use it to the fullest along with a CD of engaging exercise work-outs on the Invictus Active Trainer.

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YouBike from £1395

YouBikeTM is billed as the world’s first cardiovascular exercise bike, designed specifically for people with limited mobility. It is especially useful for seniors with balance issues, patients recovering from strokes and spinal injuries. YouBikeTM is a great innovation for disability exercise, which has a handle drive that is connected to the foot pedal, through a sturdy floor platform and a central rod. This central rod has a built-in computer that records distance done and corresponding calories lost at the speed and difficulty levels it is done at. You can use this machine while sitting on a wheel chair or lying on your bed. It has adjustable mechanisms to suit users in various positions, heights and situations. While the YouBikeTM is billed as a cardiovascular exercise machine for people with limited mobility, the YouBikeTM can be used by just about anyone in a home gym set-up.

YouBikeTM has seen considerable success in the following cases:

• Elderly who need to focus on strength training, balance and flexibility, the YouBikeTM is just the machine for them.
• Patients recovering from stroke, again helps in improving balance and gait issues as well as a quicker recovery process during rehab.
• Obese people also have mobility issues, so this helps in being able to do an effective cardiovascular regimen to fight obesity.

Berkel Bike from £6995

Berkel Bike, is one of the foremost recumbent bikes for limited mobility individuals. The Berkel Bike is available in 4 variants and comes with an optional Functional Electrical Simulator (FES), which can be fixed to all the models. The Berkel Bike Home is the disability fitness equipment that you could have in your home gym if you have limited mobility. This is basically an indoor machine, which needs to be attached to your Wheelchair. The Berkel Bike Fitness is specially designed for indoor use and can be attached to your chair or electric wheelchair and you can comfortably do your exercise regimen comfortably. The Berkel Bike Connect, is a convenient and easy to use machine, which also doubles up as a means of transportation as a tricycle for people with limited mobility. This hand cycle can be easily connected to your wheelchair and become a recumbent bike. The Berkel Bike Pro is the most popular variant because of its user friendliness and comfort. Its wide wheelbase makes balancing easy and while being used as a trainer it can also be used in sporting events.