RS Hand Bike is incredibly lightweight

Competitive handcyclists will want to know more about the features of the Top End Force RX. Its standard features are a great asset to the competitive rider but it comes with a host of options and additional extras to boost comfort and performance.

Pedals and cranks

You will find cycling more comfortable on the Top End Force RX than on most other handbike models as its hand pedals are made of oval-shaped aluminium. They are designed with user ergonomics in mind and come in a range of three sizes to ensure you get pedals your hands can comfortably push. You can have the pedals fixed at 15 or 25 degrees to suit your posture. Footrests can also be adjusted to your comfort.

The Top End Force RX Hand Bike is the ultimate racing hand bike with many innovative features that ensure your maximum performance.

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Higher performance

An aerodynamic front fork is sure to give you a few seconds over competitors as is the super-light, stiff carbon fibre backrest that can be further adjusted to allow you to pedal more powerfully.The frame of the bike is constructed with heat-treated aluminium and weighs just 27 pounds. With less weight to lug around, this bike can go as fast as you push it.

26-inch wheels built for performance and clincher tyres designed to function under high pressure are yet more features to give you an edge. An SRAM X9 30-speed drivetrain ensures you always have an extra gear to push


Even as you power your way to victory, you can rest assured that you are safe on the Top End Force RX. It comes with Tektro calliper brakes as well as a flip lever-controlled parking brake so that you always to a safe halt whenever you need to.

In addition to its performance and safety features, this handcycle is a beauty to behold, sitting on gorgeous Alex DA 22 rims with black stainless steel spokes.