Wheelchairs For Children

As with any type of equipment in the market place, there is a whole plethora of different types of manual wheelchairs for children, made by a whole host of companies, for a whole range of budgets. Most of them are built by organisations for which wheelchairs are only a minor part of their business, and the credibility of the children who use their wheelchairs is simply not taken into account in the design of their wheelchairs.

Of course it is essential that any wheelchair meets the sitting and support requirements of the child, and the only real way to ensure that you meet these needs is to get a wheelchair made to measure, and to suit the kind of lifestyle or personality that you have.

Both of these elements are fundamentally important when getting wheelchairs for children, they need a comfortable functional wheelchair, but they also want to look cool, they want people to be interested in them because of their chair, they want to demonstrate their personality and flair, they want to express who they are through choosing colours that speak about them, be it form candy pink for the most girly girls through midnight sparkle for the ardent goth, from your favourite team colours through to multi-coloured splash fushion, shouting fun and exuberance!

A look at Panthera childrens models of wheelchairs:

Panthera Bambino

This model is suitable for children aged 4-12 years old, its very lightweight both for the parent lifting but more importantly maximises the ability to self propel and move around with ease. This also makes it the ideal choice for someone with reduced pushing power. The seat is compatable with most seating systems but is the seat is also posture friendly without nay additional added.

Technical Features:

Backrest Height: 17 – 25 cm
Heaviest Part: 4.5Kgs
Seat Depth: 25 – 32.5 cm
Seat Width: 10.5 – 12.9
Total Weight: 8.2 Kgs

S2 Swing

This model is the only rigid frame chair which has swing away foot plates – it mixes the super lightweight wheelchair frame but gives the user the ease of being able to sing out the floot plates and transfer. This type of swing out foot rest is usually only available with folding chairs – which makes the S2 an exciting addition to the Panthera range.

Technical Features:

Backrest Height: 20-40cm
Max User Weight: 125kg
Seat Depth: 40cm
Seat Width: 36-45cm
Total Weight: 8kg

Micro Model

Suitable for children as young as 1 years old this is a fantastic kids wheelchair and the design is unique to Panthera. It is very safe and secure but provides great moveability and allows children to be active as an able bodied child would be at the same age. Posture is great and allows to build muscles and awarness for the future.

Technical Features:

Backrest Height: 20cm
Max User Weight: 30kg
Seat Depth: 15-25cm
Seat Width: 24-27cm

The question then is, where are you going to get all of these elements in a wheelchair as it almost certainly wont be in one from your NHS wheelchair service, although you may be able to apply for a voucher towards a personalized, bespoke or tailor made wheelchair – this unfortunatley is often a postcode lottery.

The answer is that you need to go to a wheelchair manufacturer that specialises in designing and creating manual childrens wheelchairs around the individual.

As a parent or carer, knowing that your child feels proud and independent of mind in their wheelchair will make you mirror these emotions. Being able to see your child simply enjoying their everyday lives because they have freedom of movement in a chair that helps their self confidence, is surely enough to make the decision to invest in a tailor made wheelchair, created around their needs and wants worthwhile.

And why is this all so important? – Because every child matters, and every child is different. No two people are exactly the same, so therefore their needs in a wheelchair design will be different.

Got a question? Email us:

You can’t expect your child to fit in a 14, 15 or 16 inch frame because that is what the majority of manufactures provide. Go to a company who can build a chair 14.75 inches if that is what is needed. Build a chair around the height that your child is comfortable sitting at, having complete choice over the profile of the seat, the angles needed, the leg length, the back height, the pushing rim requirements, are all areas that a bespoke wheelchair can deliver.

If these things matter to you and your child, then use the contact from below and we’ll provide more information on childrens wheelchairs.

Here you will find links to a whole host of companies including the world’s best-bespoke wheelchairs for children manufacturers, and whether you want the best chair for getting around school and maximizing on life through to a built to explore in the rain forests, you can find the information at The Accessible Planet.

If you need help funding a wheelchair then please look at our charities section via the link in the menu for an organisation that may be able to help.