Wheelchair Ergometer

An ergometer is more than an exercise machine – it enables you to measure the performance and work done by the person using the machine and doing the exercise. A rowing machine is very commonly called a ergometer and is used to measure muscles, but if your a wheelchair user then using a rowing machine is not possible – but do not worry there is the Invictus Active Wheelchair Ergometer!

It is rollers that enable any wheelchair to easily get onto – which then records speed, distance and heart rate. Using this wheelchair ergometer you can also calculate wattage output. It also has the ability to measure each arm seperate, you can records from each wheel of the wheelchair and see how the muscles and power is different.


If you are looking to do a wheelchair ergometer test then this enables you to do just that, get in touch with Invictus Active and they’ll be able to help further..

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The ergometer for a wheelchair is lightweight and can be delivered anywhere in the World – used by universities and research centres – if you are looking to get data of wheelchair users then this piece of equipment is suitable for all wheelchairs. You gain access easily and push / wheel the chair. As a wheelchair ergometer is ideal for any test and use.