Invictus Active vs McLain Wheelchair Rollers

Invictus Active Rollers

You may be looking to buy a set of ‘wheelchair rollers‘ and have come across the two models available – one called an Invictus Active Trainer and the other McLain Rollers.

They both allow a wheelchair user to exercise using their own wheelchair but is there really a difference between the two models?

We take a look at the difference features and compare each below – the ultimate Invictus vs McLain roller review!…

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Invictus Active and McLain Rollers review – let’s take a look.

Size and weight

The McLain rollers are advertised at 52lbs, which equates too 23kg. The Invictus Active Trainer is 22kg. Both weights seem to be approx and may be parcel or unit weight but it appears they are similar, with the Invictus rollers just a little lighter.

However the Invictus Active rollers have the ability to fold and be stored much easier – this us unique as McLain and alot more bulky and would be best to be set-up in the same position at all times.

Video of Invictus rollers folding for storage, see:

The actual rollers

McLain rollers are more two ‘drums’ which attach to a fly wheel, whereas Invictus trainer rollers are four independent aluminium rollers.

From the information available there has been a lot of research with Invictus, they have a lot of information on their website about all the universities they have worked with. Invictus believe the ‘feel’ is important and the independent rollers allows you to adjust each side and work each arm independently.

Recording speed and data

This is only relevant to the Invictus Active Trainer as you can connect to your phone or tablet and record data – such as speed, distance, heart rate and calories. This is from the trainer itself and all your workouts are saved. If you are buying rollers for fitness then this is a fantastic feature as keeping track of workouts is important, otherwise you have no idea if your exercise is working.

The inventors

Although not essential the background and ‘story’ behind a product is often important and if nothing else interesting to know. There seems to be little information about McClain Rollers as they do not have their own website although the connection is from a company who manufacture bike parts, they maybe noticed the potential of the wheelchair market and designed rollers for a wheelchair. The rollers also seem to have been available in their current form since the early 1980’s.

Invictus Active however do have their own website ( and a lot of videos and photos of the rollers. It was designed and developed by Paul and Scott, both wheelchair users themselves following spinal cord injury and was born from a prototype Paul developed in his garage to lose weight following his injury. There is a lot of research gone into the trainer so it’s worth taking a look at the blog on their website for details of this.

The price…

The price of the McLain at time of writing is $1,099.99 (see source) which is pounds sterling is £855.

The Invictus Active Trainer has three models, but the best comparison is the standard model – this is £799 which is $1,030.

The price is very similar and depending on your location in the World the shipping may also differ. Invictus Active ship direct from their factory in the UK and through selected dealerships across the World.

invictus active rollers

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The evidence suggests wheelchair rollers work and are a great form of exercise.