All NEW Quickie Nitrum Wheelchair

As you may already now, the right wheelchair for you is key – and the new Quickie Nitrum wheelchair is certainly one to consider, it’s arguably the best active wheelchair on the market.

Having the right active user wheelchair is life changing – and when Quickie wheelchairs, one of the World’s leading wheelchair manufacturers, brings out a brand new model then you know it’s going to be good!

The Quickie Nitrum wheelchair is brand new, it has the latest technology and ‘top of the range’ when it comes to active user wheelchairs. The design and look of the Nitrum wheelchair is really is superb.

Quickie wheelchairs have been established for years and thousands of people enjoy freedom each day using a Quickie wheelchair – their flagship wheelchair just got even better with the launch of a brand new model called the Quickie Nitrum Wheelchair.

All new wheelchair from Quickie – great looking high quality active user wheelchair.

Why is it such a good wheelchair?

There are a number of reasons the Nitrum is such a good wheelchair – but there is so much more than the look and design. You are buying and using a brand that knows wheelchairs, it’s arguably the World’s most renowned brand of wheelchairs and they have the experience to know exactly what works.

It’s rigid and fixed but you can still make those needed tweaks, such as adjusting the camber or the back rest height. Sometimes you just need to tweak the chair as you use it, so you get the best of both Worlds, a fixed rigid wheelchairs with a little room to adjust.

Measurements and size is easy!

You do not need the old fashioned one to one measurement service as with the Nitrum you can supply the measurements you need and be sure you will get the perfect wheelchair for you. There are only a few key measurements needed that you can supply to an online specialist via email or phone, they’ll then be able to order and get the correct wheelchair for you.

You can find out more about the Quickie Nitrum wheelchair at

Quickie Nitrum Wheelchair Photo

Brand new model – available to buy Worldwide.