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Loopwheels have taken the mobility market by storm, winning several awards in 2015 – they really have reinvented the wheel and the benefits to a wheelchair user have been proven. You may have seen Loopwheels on the road and at various shows over recent months, hundreds of people have tried them out and the built in suspension is making them a must have to alternative wheels for wheelchairs. If you are looking for a wheelchair Loopwheels supplier then contact Invictus Active below who will be able to provide more information, prices and even arrange for a demonstration.

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More about Loopwheels:
Loopwheels were invented and developed by mechanical engineer and industrial designer Sam Pearce from Nottinghamshire. Sam, who believes passionately in craftsmanship and skills that come from practical experience, worked with local company, K G Archery, on the development of the springs for loopwheels – a world-class innovation in the British manufacture of wheel technology and Loopwheels for wheelchairs are now designed, engineered and made in Nottinghamshire by Jelly Products Ltd.

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Providing greater comfort and independence for the wheelchair user

Wheelchair Loopwheels are designed to provide greater comfort for wheelchair users enabling them to exert less effort when pushing the wheelchair over rough tracks, gravel paths, uneven streets and pavements, grass, cobbled streets etc.  Loopwheels come in two sizes of 24 inch and 25 inch, which will fit most active wheelchairs and, with quick release axles, they are extremely hardwearing and durable.  These wheels ensure a more comfortable ride as they are designed to absorb vibration, shocks or bumps and the composite springs provide extra power to get up onto and down off kerbs.

A Loopwheel has an integral suspension that is designed for better shock-absorbance and to give the user a more comfort ride.   Loopwheel springs, which are constructed from carbon composite materials, have been carefully developed and tested in order to ensure optimum compression, lateral stability, strength and durability.  The springs are connected to the hub and rim by connectors that have been specially designed.

The three loops in each of the two wheels work together on a system that is self-correcting.  Suspension that is constantly adjusting to an uneven terrain is provided by the spring system operating between the hub and rim of the wheel.  This spring configuration allows the torque a smooth transition between hub and rim.

Loopwheels for wheelchairs have customers in France, Slovakia and as far away as USA, Australia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, The Philippines and Japan.