SmartDrive Wheelchair Power Assists

Pushing a manual wheelchair in even the lightest of off-road conditions can present a problem, add in a slope, wet conditions and the need to walk a dog, completing your tasks can become very arduous. Well enter the SmartDrive wheelchair power assist.  An incredibly simple assistive device that can be fitted in an instant to almost any fixed frame manual wheelchair.  Coming in two pieces, a battery pack that slides under the seat sling, and the drive unit that just hooks over the camber bar, The Smartdrive will follow the contours of the ground and even assist you with kurbs and other small steps.

Gone are the days of having to watch festivals from a distance, or getting stuck in the grass at your favourite picnic spot, or not managing to access your own garden. The Smartdrive assistive pushing device brings power to your elbow, by registering when you are pushing and when you are braking, and applying drive to the traction wheel as needed by you.

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UK Price: £4,200

Therefore while being simple in its fitting and use, inside The Smartdrive is a very clever brain, which interprets where you want to go from how you are pushing your chair, and then puts power into your motion through the uniquely designed drive wheel.

Weighing only 2 kilograms for each part, The SmartDrive can be fitted and removed in a matter of moments, and once fitted can add miles to your journeying. A fantastic device for exploring where you wouldn’t drive or can’t drive, to take on holiday and enjoy a new found freedom to discover to local areas and delights, or just to enable you to walk the children to school, shop until you drop, or just make the most of what is on offer where-ever you live.