Made To Measure Custom Wheelchairs

Custom made – A Wheelchair That Really Fits. How many times have you been told that the feature you require on your wheelchair isn’t available, or that it only comes in certain widths and lengths, or that the angle you want your seat at is the wrong angle!

Why? That is the big question. The basic reason is that the majority of wheelchair manufacturers build a standard range of chairs that you are expected to fit into, whether you actually fit into them or not. Unfortunately that leaves an a unacceptable number of wheelchair users trying to go about their daily lives in wheelchairs that don’t fit them, they are uncomfortable, they cannot be effectively set up to help the user, and in the worst cases they exacerbate conditions and even cause injuries.

This is however a solution to this appalling situation: A made to measure wheelchair.

So what does this mean? A made to measure wheelchair, just like a suit or a wedding dress, is designed around the size, needs and posture requirements of the wearer, and because they are designed to fit, there is little need for adjustable or interchangeable parts enabling chairs to be built with the minimum of parts from the lightest and strongest materials.

A custom wheelchair r can literally be made to fit any body size, from the smallest child, to the largest adult, with complete flexibility in construction from the length of the drop from the knee-bend to the footplate, to choosing the relationship between the seat and the back, to choosing the colour and type of the material you would like your upholstery to be fashioned in.

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You can have a host of different size pushing wheels in a variety of designs and weights with complimentary pushing rims to suit your preferred pushing style, and choices of tyres to match your travelling requirements. Even the casters can vary from minute through to quite large, with differing compound tyres depending on the ride and steer-ability you like.

With such a fantastic range of options available to you, not only can you have created a tailor-made wheelchair that meets all your physical requirements, maximizes your independence, and in doing so your boosts your self respect and personal esteem, you can enhance the fundamental perception that a wheelchair is not a burden but is in fact a tool for your independence, it is a fashion accessory, and it is a great life-style choice.

£100 discount –  quote The Accessible Planet

Whilst custom made wheelchairs may be more expensive, the quality and freedom the bring to one’s life far outweighs the price, and in many areas in The United Kingdom your wheelchair service should provide a voucher to the value of the chair they can provide, and it is then up to you to find the rest. If you work you may get help from Access to work and there are many charities out there who can give small grants to help with the costs of wheelchairs, particularly in relation to children. If you can get a child the best wheelchair for them, this can have a profoundly positive effect on the whole of the rest of their lives.

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