Triride Wheelchair Power Attachment

There is a choice of four different models in the Triride wheelchair attachment range. They will fit onto most standard wheelchairs and some folding chairs.

They have stainless-steel frames and reinforced aluminium wheels in varying sizes.

All have a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and the “Regen System” allows the battery to charge during braking or going downhill.

All have a LED display, five forward and one reverse gears, cruise control, and a powerful disc brake.

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Triride removable electric propulsion device for wheelchairs.

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Triride High Power 16

This model has a powerful motor which will propel you and your wheelchair equally well around town or along country trails. The thumb-operated accelerator lets you control your speed and the electronic control unit makes sure you don’t go too fast. It has a 50-km range, and the 48V ion-Lithium battery can be fully charged in five hours. The driving wheel has a 16-inch rim and comes with your choice of mountain bike or city tyres. It weighs 12.5-kg and is suitable for users weighing over 90-kg.

Triride is a registered medical device…

Triride Special Light Foldable

This model weighs in at just 8-kg and the handlebar post folds, making this model really easy to accommodate under a table without the need for detaching it. Its light weight also makes it really easy to store in the boot of the car. The 36-V Ion-Lithium battery charges in five hours to provide 30-km of travelling distance and the wheel rim measures twelve inches.

Triride Special Light power trike

This lightweight option has a larger motor to offer a 50-km travelling range while weighing just 9-kg. It has a 36V Ion-Lithium battery and a fourteen-inch wheel.

Triride T-Rocks

This top of the line model is ideal for off-roading. It has a double battery option which can provide a maximum power of 2000W to the 20-inch wheel with integrated motor. It features an Intelligent Braking System, an assisted load, and weighs in at 12.5-kg.

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