Batec Mobility Range of Wheelchair

Six different models of Batec mobility wheelchair attachments offer a variety of different features to meet different needs. All have the Batec Acopla Support system.

Batec Urban

This basic model has a top speed of 20-km/h and can travel up to 50-km on a full battery charge. It has a 200 RPM,900W high-torque brushless motor and the choice of a 280 or 522 Wh battery. The frame and handlebars are made of aluminium and it has mechanical brakes with a 180-mm rotor disc. The 20-inch wheels have double-wall black aluminium rims and ultra-grip tyres. It has a 200 lumens front LED light and weighs 15.7-kg without the battery.

Batec Electric:

This model offers the same basic features but includes adjustable brake levers and a larger 200-mm rotor disc brake. It also has Led tail lights and a display panel indicating battery level and speed. It weighs 15.6-kg.

Batec Mini:

The mini model weighs in at 14.6-kg and it has a 40-km travelling range. It has a 250 RPM 900W motor with a reverse gear, 180-mm rotor disc brakes, and a parking brake. These wheels are 16-inches in diameter and they have ultragrip tyres. It has an all-in-one LCD panel, a USB charging port, and a horn.

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Batec Electric 2

This model offers the same features as the Batec Mini and weighs in at 14.9-kg. it has 18-inch wheels and a top speed of 23-km/h.

Batec Rapid

The Ultra-fat 300 RPM 900W high torque brushless motor provides a top speed of 30-km/h and has a range of 40-km. It has hydraulic brakes, 20-inch wheels, but no reverse gear. It has a cycle computer with 4 functions and weighs in at 15.6-kg.

Batec Scrambler

The top of the line model has a top speed of 28-km provided by the 300 RPM 1200W motor. The 696 Wh battery provides 50-km of travelling distance. It has mechanical brakes, 19-inch wheels and weighs 16.1Kg.

Batec Mobility Wheelchair Attachment