Alber E-Pilot

Sleek and elegant

The Alber e-pilot power handbike attachment weighs in at 18.4-kg and can carry a user weighing up to 100-kg. It has an average travelling speed of between 6 and 10KPH but with the purchase of a special upgrade package.

Made from high-grade materials

You can increase the maximum speed up to a nippy 20KPH. The 250 W motor has plenty of power and can propel you up hills a steep as ten-percent. The 36V, 13.8 Ah Lithium-Ion battery is maintenance free and guaranteed never to leak. A charger comes included, and the battery fully charges in just four hours. With a battery capacity of 496 Wh you can travel for up to 50-km on just one charge. The 16-inch front wheel is strong and with a 3-inch wide tyre, you will be able to negotiate everyday obstacles, like kerbs, with ease.

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The e-pilot hand bike will take you further and go faster, offering a fantastic way to enjoy any outdoor activities.

Speed up your life

There are three driving modes, Eco, Tour and Sport, and this powered handbike has four forward speed choices and one reverse gear. It also features a traction assist, a cruise control, a USB charging adaptor, a light and a horn. The menu is available in a choice of eight languages.

What sets the Alber e-pilot power handbike attachment apart from most other handbikes, is that you can hook it up to your smartphone with the Bluetooth connection allowing you to access the wheelchair-friendly navigation system, EasyNavi, and to discover more places.

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Compact battery pack & lightweight components

Also, on the illuminated full-colour screen, which measures 2.4-inches, you will be able to view all your driving information including the distance, time, and range. The Alber e-pilot attaches quickly and easily to a manual wheelchair and is ideal for use both around town or for a trip to the country, and you will be able to get to places you never thought you could access.