There are six different options in the Klaxon Klick wheelchair attachments range. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages, so investigate carefully before making a decision. Most are designed for round-town, use or for travel over level, even ground.

They all have five different speed settings, a reverse gear, and a multifunction LCD display. Most have handlebars which can be adjusted, and they come equipped with a battery charger, along with a bell, a splash guard, and a kickstand.

Discover Klaxon Klick:

All of the wheelchair attachments in the Klaxon Klick range attach by a universal hub which adapts to suit all types of manual wheelchairs. They can even be used with some folding chairs. They have the patented KLICK Linking System Klaxon® which allows fast and easy connection and disconnection.

Klaxon Klick Electric is the classic model. Pros- lightweight at 7.9-kg plus 1.3-kg battery, dual braking system. Cons- just a 25-km range, small 36V x 370W motor can lack power, smooth tread tyre doesn’t have much grip.

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Klaxon Klick Electric Monster

 Pros- double braking system, 40-km range. Cons-heavy at 12.8-kg plus 3.8-kg battery and large size make it hard to manoeuvre, attach and store, monster price.

Klaxon Klick Electric Power. Pros 50-km range, 160-mm disc brakes. Cons- small 36V x 370W motor can lack power.

Klaxon Klick Electric Race

 Pros-48V x 1000W brushless all-wheel motor, double brake. Cons-heavy at 12kg plus 3.8-kg battery, smooth tread fourteen-inch tyre doesn’t offer much grip.

Klaxon Klick Electric Race Tetra

The top of the range, with a push and pull activated brake and accelerator. Pros -comfort drive system, brushless all-wheel 48V x 1000W motor. Cons- heavy at 13-kg plus battery of 3,8-kg, very pricey.

Klaxon Klick Wheelchair Attachment