Firefly Electric Wheelchair Hand Cycle

This compact electric hand cycle option can travel at a maximum speed of 12.5MPH, however, to do this, you will need to remove the factory installed limiter which is set at 8MPH.

The Lithium Ion battery 36V, 6.6AH, 238Wh has a maximum travel distance of fifteen miles and the 36V 2A input charger, which comes included, charges the battery completely in just four hours.

If you want to travel farther, you can purchase an additional battery pack.  

The motor is a 350W, 36V brushless geared hub motor which has plenty of power to propel you up slopes or across grass, and the Rio Firefly electric hand cycle attaches to most kinds of rigid frame wheelchairs, as long as it has fixed front legs.

Discovering the pleasure of a new and easier wheelchair!

The Firefly is an electric handcycle that snaps on to your wheelchair.

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Find out the powerful compact electric power attachment for use with manual wheelchairs.

The latest model, Firefly 2.0, has several improvements over the original model, including separate thumb-operated throttles for forward and reverse. These are much easier to use than the original twist throttle, especially for those with limited wrist movements, and for left-handers.

This model also has a new, two-point docking system which makes attaching and detaching the hand cycle really quick and easy.

The Firefly can attach to almost all wheelchairs with fixed front legs

The braking system has also been enhanced, with a 140-mm dual disc brake, and the new, lighter Lithium battery pack weighs in at just 4.5-lbs.

Additionally, the frame which is made of Aluminium 6061, now comes apart making it really easy to store or transport, and this electric handcycle fits into the boot of most cars.

The Firefly electric wheelchair hand cycle has a total weight of 24.6-lbs (11.2-kg) and can carry a user weighing up to 115-kg.

The 12.5-inch wheel has a wide (2.25-inch) tyre which provides good grip for crossing uneven ground and the Firefly is easy to control and manoeuvre. Transform your wheelchair into a powered trike, and, get out and enjoy!

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