Mobility Scooters & Medical Conditions


A quality and reliable TGA mobility scooter offers independence outdoors for many people living with a variety of mobility problems. Without these products individuals can become housebound and lonely without the ability to access friends and shops or simply enjoy the fresh air. TGA Mobility provides the finest and most comprehensive range of scooters in the UK and certain models can help with specific health issues. Conditions such as Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s and Stroke commonly lead to difficulties with movement and walking. This is where a mobility scooter can allow people to tackle longer distances when travelling to a shopping centre, a social club or during days out. With more energy conserved, people with some mobility can focus on walking at home or at their destination so a better balance is achieved between staying active and avoiding over exertion.


Arthritis causes pain, swelling and stiffness in joints so it is important to choose a mobility scooter with lots of legroom and a comfortable seat. The TGA Supersport, Vita Midi and Vita 4 all have spacious floor wells so you can stretch and relax your legs and their orthopaedic seats maximise support whilst driving.

TGA Supersport

The Supersport, which is a 3-wheel mobility scooter, is a ‘cult classic’ design that is known as the ‘Harley Davidson mobility scooter’. It is finished in black and chrome and is ideal for people looking for an eye-catching look that doesn’t resemble a traditional mobility vehicle. The tiller handlebars are positioned closer to the body and the fully adjustable orthopaedic seat and armrests means arthritic shoulders and arms can relax in a rested position. Controls are easy to grab and operate even if hand dexterity has been compromised.

Case study owner with Arthritis: Pamela Kinge, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Breeze S4 owner
“I chose my Breeze S4 as it is so comfortable and easy to drive which is crucial for me as I have Osteoarthritis. The controls are light, responsive and perfect for my needs as my hands aren’t as good these days.

TGA Maximo

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable condition and symptoms can vary greatly, however problems with general mobility, walking and balance are common. Muscle weakness and extreme tiredness are also key difficulties to live with so owning a mobility scooter can help with greater independence outdoors. By using a mobility scooter, people with MS who cannot walk or have limited mobility, can access local amenities or spend more time with their family outside – all on their own terms.

When selecting a mobility scooter to help ease the difficulties associated with MS, it can be beneficial to select a model that has proper suspension and an orthopaedic seat such as a 4-wheel TGA Vita 4 or Breeze S4. A 3-wheel mobility scooter can also offer even lighter steering for people with reduced arm and shoulder strength such as a TGA Breeze S3 or Breeze Midi 3.

If your MS isn’t too pronounced or you are looking for a more compact mobility scooter, then the ‘car boot’ TGA Eclipse or Minimo might be ideal. The Eclipse mobility scooter can be dismantled into 4 easy-to-lift parts and the Minimo can be folded in seconds – all ideal for storing in the car boot or taking onboard buses, trains and planes.

Case study owner with Multiple Sclerosis: James Pagram, Eastbourne, East Sussex, Breeze S4 owner and MS Society fundraiser: “My 101-mile drive along the South Downs Way to raise donations for the MS Society was simply fantastic and so memorable. I knew it would be tough going with my Multiple Sclerosis as I get so tired, however my Breeze mobility scooter was so comfortable it kept me feeling pretty refreshed and alert all the way


If you have Osteoporosis then your bones are probably going to be weak and more likely to fracture. In addition to the dangers of experiencing a fall, you may have to deal with back pain and curvature of the spine (Kyphosis). This is where a TGA mobility scooter Osteoporosis can help as you remain safer and more comfortable when out and about – avoiding unnecessary pain from walking long distances. Remaining active is important if possible however accessing the outdoors on a scooter can reduce fatigue and improve well-being.

It is important to choose a mobility scooter with pneumatic tyres so the ride is as smooth as possible. This will soften the impact of bumps and bangs caused by potholes or kerbs.

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TGA Breeze mobility scooter

Powerpack drives at a comfortable top speed of 3-4mph so you, your carer and your family can still go out together without the stresses of pushing a manual wheelchair. There are four versions in the range including a single wheel ‘Solo’ model for occasional use through to an extra-heavy duty ‘PLUS’ model that can propel a wheelchair occupant weighing up to 32 stone.

Case study owner with Parkinson’s: Janet Murray, Buckie near Aberdeen, Scotland, Minimo owner:

“I haven’t owned my Minimo mobility scooter that long as its design is so new, however I already love it. I’ve never seen a scooter like this before and as my previous one was impractical for storing in the car boot, my mobility outside of Buckie was very restricted. Now my folding Minimo mobility scooter is sure to travel with me wherever I go and as it is so manoeuvrable, I have been driving around inside at home which is a massive help.

Mobility scooters medical conditions

Scooter which specific features to suit each medical condition.


Living with the after-affects of a Stroke can be challenging however a mobility scooter can help. Most people have to deal with muscle weakness or paralysis on one side of their body that can limit independent mobility and walking, especially outside. With the use of a TGA mobility scooter freedom does not need to be compromised when out and about and the help of others can be reduced. If you have had a Stroke, it is beneficial to choose a mobility scooter that is easy to steer, has excellent suspension for a smooth ride and offers a choice in controls. The flagship 8mph mobility scooter from TGA, the Breeze S4, is the perfect choice especially if you live in the countryside.

The 4-wheel Breeze mobility scooter is a high quality, sturdy and reliable mobility scooter that has appeared on BBC Top Gear and completed several extreme world record attempts. It provides all the features needed to help Stroke survivors drive around in comfort such as a fully adjustable orthopaedic seat, independent suspension and responsive performance. It has all the power to successfully tackle off-road track and trails or deliver urban comfort that is second-to-none. This ‘Rolls Royce’ mobility scooter offers the option of tailor-made controls to suit which side of your body is stronger. Accelerator and brake controls can either be on the left or right side along with the option for twist grips or foot pedals.

Similarly to having pronounced Parkinson’s, a TGA Wheelchair Powerpack can offer a excellent alternative to a mobility scooter if you need to be pushed in a wheelchair following a more severe Stroke. The motor, drive wheel(s) and battery unit can be attached to the underside of a manual wheelchair so that a carer or relative does not need to push. With the powered propulsion of a Powerpack, they simply need to steer the wheelchair at a comfortable walking speed of 3-4mph. This avoids excessive back or muscle strain, especially over rough ground or up slopes – helping to make day’s out more pleasant for all couples and families affected by Mobility Scooter Stroke.

Case study owner living with Stroke: George Breese, Malborough, Devon, Vita X owner:
“I struggle walking and have major balance problems which means without my TGA Vita X mobility scooter, I would be housebound and my quality of life would be really poor. At last, there is a mobility scooter that gives creditability to people with disabilities – the TGA Vita X”