Mobility Scooters Dudley

Getting around the shops or out and about in general need not be a struggle, mobility scooters Dudley are becoming increasingly popular as a way of making life easier. Scooters are available in many different types and models and depeding on your needs and requirements there is a scooter for you!

Light and compact mobility scooters Dudley:

There are scooters available which fold up and are very compact – so you can store them in your home or garage easily and transport them in the boot of a car without a struggle to lift them into the boot. They are ideal for short journeys around shopping centres and for general day to day use.

Heavy duty scooters for sale Dudley:

The other end of the range is the long distance heavy duty type of mobility scooter – ideal for going anywhere! If you want a scooter to go off road and 15+ miles on one battery charge then there are these types of models out there and available. The main drawback to a heavy duty mobility scooter Dudley is that trasnporting via a car is not as easy as picking it up – you would require a ramp or lift – or a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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Mobility Scooters

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