Choosing A Mobility Scooter

How to choose your ideal mobility scooter?

Top tips from TGA Mobility

Owning the right kind of mobility scooter for you can open up a whole new world of independence. However, it is important to select the perfect scooter for your lifestyle and mobility needs otherwise you may end up with an unsuitable product.

There are so many types of scooter to choose from these days ranging from small scooters that fit in a car boot right through to large 8mph machines built for off-road driving. It is always best to talk to a qualified specialist so together you can assess your capabilities and what you need a scooter to do. There are many other factors to consider in addition to product suitability such as insurance, after sales back up, servicing and driving training.

Test driving a scooter is really important before purchase either at a showroom or during a home demonstration. Take your time to research the different types of scooters that are available and seek out experts from established companies to help you. But beware! There are many scooter suppliers out there who do not provide an ethical or fair service. Always choose a reputable and established supplier with a proven track record and ideally a manufacturer that is approved by the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) – look out for the logo! When contacting a company always ask lots of questions to get a feel for the product and service quality and whatever you do, do not accept any high pressure selling. A reputable company will demonstrate products to you for free and with no obligation to buy.

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Choose an honest scooter supplier and everything should be hassle-free. Choose an award-winning scooter supply like TGA and benefit from:

  • Quality reliable scooters that deliver exceptional durability and value
  • Complete after sales back up and servicing
  • Insurance and fair finance
  • Personalised assessment and driver training
  • Trustworthy warranties
  • Deliveries by dedicated drivers who care
  • Expert advice on how to lease a scooter on the Motability scheme
  • Free ongoing advice and support
TGA Breeze S4

The flagship TGA Breeze S4 is a top seller

All of these factors are really important in maximising your independence however choosing the right scooter in the first place is key. So let’s run through a few models from TGA’s comprehensive range to give you an idea of what’s on offer:

Larger scooters – for greater distances, maximum comfort and utmost stability on and off-road

There are several three and four-wheel Class 3 models in the TGA range however the flagship TGA Breeze S4 is a top seller. It is a robust yet refined 4-wheel 8mph scooter that is renowned for unbeatable stability and comfort when driving on or off road. The Breeze is built to last with superb reliability and performance and ever since it won the BBC Top Gear extreme scooter challenge, it has become first choice for people living in the countryside or hilly urban locations.

The classic TGA Supersport is also a firm favourite for those who enjoy the great outdoors. A popular choice for the Disabled Ramblers Association this black and chrome scooter resembles a ‘Harley Davidson’ motorbike more than a traditional mobility vehicle. Its 3-wheel drivability, sturdy design and unrelenting reliability are legendary.

If cutting edge styling is your thing, then it’s worth considering the Vita family of scooters. At the top end we have the Vita X, Vita S and Vita models which all make a real visual statement. They have advanced motorcycle suspension and the latest high visibility LED lights. The Vita X with its strengthened suspension, bucket seat and high grip knobbly tyres is the ultimate off-road machine. Only available in phantom black with red flashes this scooter is a sight to behold.

TGA have just launched the IBex which is a new take on versatile scooter design. Streamlined in looks, the IBex is an 8mph scooter that is perfectly suited to town and country. It has a handy USB socket in the tiller and the orthopaedic seat is fully adjustable. A great looking contemporary scooter with performance and handling that is unsurpassed.

Medium-sized scooters – still spacious yet delivering greater manoeuvrability around town or countryside

Maybe you are looking for a scooter that is half way between a large model and a compact design. By choosing a mid-range machine you can benefit from greater manoeuvrability and the

flexibility to drive around the shops and countryside. Both the Breeze and Vita brands from TGA have medium sized versions namely the Breeze Midi 3, Breeze Midi 4 and Vita Midi. Despite their smaller size they still include many of the features found on their larger models.

The TGA Maximo is a medium sized scooter with a difference. It is the first Class 3 scooter that can fold and fit in a car boot. Offering ultimate transportability, the Maximo can be folded in seconds and requires no parts to be dismantled. This means you can take your scooter further afield without the worry of having to hire an unfamiliar model on arrival. With active suspension, spacious floorwell, supportive seat and fully adjustable tiller and armrests, the Maximo gives you the best of both worlds.

TGA Breeze Midi 3
TGA Zest

Compact scooters – perfect for short journeys and when storage space is limited;
choose a folding design and take it with you in the car or on a bus, train or plane.

Compact scooters are becoming more and more popular. Many people with restricted mobility are seeking products that are easy to store, offer hassle free drivability and are transportable. This is why TGA offers the Minimo and Zest ranges. The lightweight Minimo family includes three models that can be folded quickly with one hand and lifted into a car boot in one piece. The original Minimo has been revolutionary in helping people gain independence away from home which has led to the introduction of the Minimo Plus, with pneumatic tyes, and the Minimo Plus 4 with a more traditional four-wheel configuration. Every Minimo looks fantastic, is easy to lift and has a quality finish.

The Zest and larger Zest Plus give you a different yet equally effective transportable solution. The Zest is a compact scooter that dismantles into five easy-to-lift parts for storage in a car boot. Rare in its class the Zest includes active suspension for a smoother ride and the quality cushioned seat is highly supportive.

So there you have it, a brief guide to selecting the right scooter for you. I do hope this helps you on the road to scooter ownership and all the benefits it will bring. Being able to get outdoors and enjoy the sun and fresh air is so important for well-being. Get ready to spend more time with your family and friends which is priceless – happy scooting!