Best Car Boot Mobility Scooter

The TGA Minimo and Minimo Plus are the UK’s most popular car boot mobility scooters. Designed to easily fit into any car boot, these TGA scooters open up a wider world of mobility as they can be transported in a vehicle or on buses, planes and trains. Folded in seconds with one hand, these clever designs are lightweight so lifting is strain-free into the car boot or onto public transport. Once you arrive at your destination, unfold and go with peace of mind on your own familiar scooter. Why worry about hiring a scooter when you arrive at the shops or on holiday when you can take your Minimo?

Both the TGA Minimo and Minimo Plus take independent mobility further. The standard Minimo has been a revelation nationwide since its launch by TGA as it combines the comfort and features of a larger scooter with the manoeuvrability of a smaller model. The TGA Minimo’s tight turning circle means you can cruise around the shops, amble through stately homes or glide around the local park with the ability to avoid obstacles with ease. This really is the best car boot mobility scooter, goes 4mph and looks great and offers a tailor-made driving position through a fully adjustable control tiller and seat – premium comfort for all users weighing up to 115kg (250lbs). This is so important when you are driving along to ensure your shoulder and arms can rest in a relaxed position. Plus the floorwell is spacious so you can stretch out your legs without being cramped by high wheel arches. This popular mobility scooter has all the power you need for an extended day out with a range of up to 20km (12 miles) on a single battery charge.

Best car boot mobility scooter
Mobility scooter folds up compact for the car boot.

If you want to travel in your car and take you scooter with you then the Minimo is the best car boot mobility scooter on the market.

The advanced Minimo Plus includes all the best-selling features of the Minimo and more. TGA’s ultra-lightweight lithium battery comes as standard with the Minimo Plus whereas it is an optional extra when selecting the Minimo. This pioneering battery is remarkably light-in-weight – you can literally lift it with one finger. This really helps when loading and unloading your scooter and makes offboard battery charging hassle-free. Many Minimo and Minimo Plus owners keep their scooter in the car boot when not in use and simply take the battery indoors for charging.  The Minimo Plus also offers air-filled pneumatic tyres for a smoother ride and other superb features such as a high-vis LED headlight and more powerful motor. With an increased range of 24km (15 miles), the Minimo Plus is the ultimate car boot folding mobility scooter.

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