Mobility Scooter For Long Distance


The TGA Breeze S4 is the nation’s favourite 8mph 4-wheel mobility scooter. Regarded by many as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of mobility scooters, the TGA Breeze offers a driving experience that excels most others through an unmatched range of features. If you are looking for independence with peace of mind, especially if you live in the country or plan to travel longer distances, then the Breeze is the mobility scooter for long distance that you need.

Mobility scooter for long distance - the TGA Breeze!

Mobility scooter through water.

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Mobility scooter for long distance.

Over the last few years, the latest edition of the highly reliable Breeze model has achieved several accolades including an International Design Award, two World Records and a winning appearance on BBC 2.  The Breeze is renowned for its robust and rugged design that delivers all the performance required to tackle many off-road situations. Despite still being perfect for urban use, the Breeze excels over countryside track and trails through active suspension and a powerful motor. This sturdiness has allowed it to complete several extreme challenges including a 1000-mile journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End, a 24-hour non-stop induration record and a successful climb up a welsh mountainside during an episode of TV’s Top Gear. There really is no other mobility scooter for long distance that can compare the the Breeze S4.