Kuschall Champion is the unique wheelchair

Kuschall Champion Wheelchair – Your Best Choice for Flexibility and Transportation?

One of the main problems people face when adapting to a new wheelchair is the portability.  Yes – it’s crucial you focus on how a wheelchair actually performs when you are actively using it.  But what about when it needs to be stored away?  If you are likely to need to store your chair, you need a system that folds and packs away with ease.  Is the Kuschall Champion wheelchair the answer to your prayers?

Let’s take a quick look at why it’s so important to consider portability when buying a new wheelchair.

Ready When You Need It

One of the major issues people face when buying a new wheelchair is how hard it can be to store them away.  If you’re using a wheelchair for short periods, you may need an option that packs up.  One of the biggest problems with fixed wheelchairs is the fact that they are not very transport friendly.

For example, in some cases, you will have to wheel into a vehicle or onto public transport.  If you have a fixed chair, there is no flexibility for you to pack up and store it.  You need to stay fixed.  This, for many people with some mobility, can be restrictive.

A foldable system, such as the Kuschall Champion wheelchair, is ready whenever you need it.  Therefore, it’s ready when you are.  Pack it away for ease of storage om route, and you can be more flexible about your transport choices.

Kuschall Champion Wheelchair

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Kuschall Champion is the unique wheelchair that will give you the driving experience of a rigid frame with the convenience of a folding.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

Another major issue with fixed wheelchairs is their weight. Some, such as active wheelchairs, are very light and easy to move around. Others, however, can be very cumbersome.

Flexible systems such as the Kuschall Champion wheelchair are already light in frame and construction. Therefore, they are immediately easier to manoeuvre when in use, and to put away when you need to. The lighter a wheelchair is, the more convenient it becomes.

That doesn’t mean you lose stability; however, as the Kuschall Champion is one of many, that’s still extremely robust when on the move.

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Adaptable and Upgradable

You’ll also likely find that compactible wheelchairs are amongst the most upgradeable.  Need more support in your daily life?  A flexible, portable wheelchair is likely to be open to adaptation.  The Kuschall Champion, again, is a great example.

More rigid or fixed wheelchairs are likely to be resistant to change.  That’s another reason why portable chairs are so popular.  In time, your needs may alter.  Surely, then, it makes sense to invest in a system that can adapt to you in the years to come.

Is the Kuschall Champion Wheelchair the Best Option?

That all depends on what you’re looking for.  For many people, the Champion is one of the best foldable chairs on the market.  You can adjust the gravity and tailor it to your exact needs.

It’s worth considering the Kuschall Champion wheelchair if you’re struggling to adapt to a fixed system.  But why not shop around?  Thankfully, there is more than enough choice out there for those users looking for a chair to adapt to their needs.