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Which wheelchair is easiest to push

Which wheelchair is easiest to push

Which wheelchair is easiest to push? These are the three things that determine how easy any wheelchair is to push. First, the type of wheelchair.  Secondly, the way the chair is set up. And finally, the tyres.

An active user wheelchair will give you much greater pushing power than a basic chair.

What is an active user wheelchair?

An active user wheelchair is one that a person who can self-propel uses. They are lightweight and manoeuvrable. There are many different makes, models, and styles. You can personalise most of these chairs so that they fit your body perfectly. This is most important in determining which wheelchair is easiest to push. You must take careful measurements of your body so you can order your chair to meet your exact size and shape. Seat and backrest heights and widths can vary, as can the size of the frame and the wheels. A made-to-measure customised active wheelchair will give you far greater pushing power, comfort, and safety than a standard one-size-fits-all chair.

Correct chair set up

Active user wheelchairs also have adjustments that fine-tune the chair to your needs. You can adjust the angle of the seat or the backrest and change the camber of the wheels. Raising or lowering the chars centre of gravity will make it either more stable and safer or more responsive and manoeuvrable. Making the correct adjustments to suit you is vital in order to get the best performance out of your chair and to make it easier for you to push.


Trials using the Invictus Active trainer, (a roller trainer used to build strength and develop pushing syle) prove that solid tyres make pushing harder. The best type of tyre to choose is the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre. These pneumatic tyres offer great grip but with little rolling resistance. That means, that with these tyres correctly inflated you will find pushing your wheelchair easier than with other tyres. Additionally, these tyres feature SmartGuard® protection against punctures so you can travel without worries. They also have hand-friendly smooth sidewalls which are anti-ageing, for durability and safety. These tyres are great for indoor and normal outdoor road use and they will not leave ugly black marks on interior flooring.

So, which wheelchair is easiest to push?

The answer to the question is a correctly adjusted, custom-built active user wheelchair that has the right tyres.

At Invictus Active we offer a selection of some of the finest active user wheelchairs at discounted prices. Additionally, we can show you how to correctly measure your body so that your chair fits you perfectly. Also, we offer advice and guidance to help you to choose the wheelchair that best suits your needs and budget. Plus, we offer free delivery on wheelchairs, and a fourteen-day return and refund policy.

We also offer two products that can make your wheelchair even easier to push.

The FreeWheel wheelchair attachment, which is a large front wheel that clips easily onto your chair. It raises your caster wheels off the ground to allow you to push with less effort over any kind of surface including cobblestones, grass, gravel, sand or snow.

Surge Pushrims that are ergonomically designed to give you more pushing traction.