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How to lose weight with limited mobility

How to lose weight with limited mobility

If you need to lose weight with limited mobility, it can be a challenge. With limited lower body movement, it can be difficult to get a real workout. Yet, aerobic activity is what you need to lose weight. Getting regular exercise that increases your heart rate and burns calories should be your goal. So, here are some ideas as to how to lose weight with limited mobility.

Invictus Active Trainer

The  Invictus Active Trainer  is a great way to get an upper-body workout. You can set up this lightweight roller trainer in your home and start exercising. Simply push your chair up the ramps and place your driving wheels on the rollers. Then push, just as you would normally but concentrating on improving your technique. As your stamina and muscles develop you can increase the length of your workout. Also, you can increase the resistance of the rollers, so you have to push harder. With the smart version of the trainer, you can keep track of your workouts. You can monitor your heartbeat and see how many calories you are burning up. This can be up to 350 kcal in just a 30-minute workout. This is a great way to lose weight with limited mobility. If you would like to arrange your FREE, no-obligation home trial click  here.


The  FreeWheel  wheelchair attachment clips onto your front footrest and lifts your caster wheels up off the ground. This allows you to pass over surfaces where your casters would normally dig in and make it impossible to continue. That means, that getting out and about in your wheelchair is much more fun. You will find that you will want to spend more time exploring all the new places that you can get to with the FreeWheel. That means, that you will be getting more upper-body exercise as you push yourself to places you never thought you could reach without help. Combine your FreeWheel with off-road wheels and puncture-proof tyres and you will open up even more exercise possibilities. Cross over grass, gravel, sand, wet leaves and many other surfaces without trouble and enjoy the benefits that taking advantage of these increased options can bring to your health.

Hand-cycle wheelchair

Instead of pushing on the pushrims directly to propel yourself, with a hand-cycle you can get a great upper body workout as you propel. A handcycle attaches to your wheelchair and lets you propel yourself using your arms in much the same way as people riding a bicycle use their legs. Alternatively, the  Quickie Attitude Hybrid handcycle  gives you the option of increasing your exercise potential using it manually, with the convenience of using it to power-assist you to get to more places.

Wheelchair sports

Wheelchair tennis and other wheelchair sports are fantastic ways to lose weight with limited mobility. You will find yourself moving, stretching, and propelling yourself during a game like never before. You will be so caught up in the game that you will not even notice that you are burning up calories, fat, and so losing weight. Many people who do not need to use a wheelchair every day, but who have limited mobility in their legs, choose to use a wheelchair to exercise and participate in health-giving sport.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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