JAY Soft Combi P Wheelchair Cushion

Mild contouring for basic needs.

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25cm x 25cm-JC2525, 25cm x 30cm-JC2530, 30cm x 25cm-JC3025, 30cm x 30cm-JC3030, 30cm x 35cm-JC3035, 35cm x 30cm-JC3530, 35cm x 35cm-JC3535, 35cm x 40cm-JC3540, 35cm x 45cm-JC3545, 38cm x 40cm-JC3840, 38cm x 42cm-JC3842, 38cm x 44cm-JC3844, 40cm x 40cm-JC4040, 40cm x 42cm-JC4042, 40cm x 44cm-JC4044, 40cm x 46cm-JC4046, 42cm x 40cm-JC4240, 42cm x 42cm-JC4242, 42cm x 44cm-JC4244, 42cm x 46cm-JC4246, 44cm x 40cm-JC4440, 44cm x 42cm-JC4442, 44cm x 44cm-JC4444, 44cm x 46cm-JC4446, 46cm x 42cm-JC4642, 46cm x 44cm-JC4644, 46cm x 46cm-JC4646, 46cm x 50cm-JC4650, 48cm x 42cm-JC4842, 48cm x 44cm-JC4844, 48cm x 46cm-JC4846, 48cm x 50cm-JC4850, 50cm x 42cm-JC5042, 50cm x 46cm-JC5046, 50cm x 50cm-JC5050, 56cm x 46cm-JC5646, 56cm x 50cm-JC5650, 56cm x 56cm-JC5656, 60cm x 46cm-JC6046, 60cm x 50cm-JC6050, 60cm x 56cm-JC6056, 60cm x 60cm-JC6060


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