Varilite Evolution Wheelchair Cushion

The VARILITE Evolution is the cushion of choice for wheelchair users with a high risk of tissue breakdown.

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12×14" (30x35cm), 14×14" (35x35cm), 14×16" (35x40cm), 14×18" (35x45cm), 14×20" (35x50cm), 15×15" (38x38cm), 15×17" (38x43cm), 16×14" (40x35cm), 16×16" (40x40cm), 16×18" (40x45cm), 16×20" (40x50cm), 17×17" (43x43cm), 18×16" (45x40cm), 18×18" (45x45cm), 18×20" (45x50cm), 20×16" (50x40cm), 20×18" (50x45cm), 20×20" (50x50cm), 22×18" (55x45cm), 22×20" (50x50cm), 24×18" (60x45cm), 24×20" (60x50cm)

Cover Type:

Mesh, Water-Resistant

Valve Type:

Standard, PSV


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