JAY Lite Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushion

At just 670g, the JAY Lite cushion is the perfect complement to super lightweight aluminium and titanium manual wheelchairs such as the Quickie Helium and Helium Pro.

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35×35-JL3535, 35×40-JL3540, 35×35-JL3546, 38×38-JL3838, 38×40-JL3840, 38×42-JL3842, 38×44-JL3844, 38×46-JL3846, 40×38-JL4038, 40×40-JL4040, 40×42-JL4042, 40×44-JL4044, 40×46-JL4046, 40×50-JL4050, 42×38-JL4238, 42×40-JL4240, 42×42-JL4242, 42×44-JL4244, 42×46-JL4246, 44×38-JL4438, 44×40-JL4440, 44×42-JL4442, 44×44-JL4444, 44×46-JL4446, 46×40-JL4640, 46×42-JL4642, 46×44-JL4644, 46×46-JL4646, 46×50-JL4650, 48×40-JL4840, 48×42-JL4842, 48×44-JL4844, 48×46-JL4846, 48×50-JL4850, 50×40-JL5040, 50×46-JL5046, 50×50-JL5050


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