JAY 2 Wheelchair Cushion

Stability and positioning with extreme skin risk.

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Cushion-Cover Style:

Air Exchange Cover-F, Incontinence cover -NF


14in x 16in-JAY2108, 15½in x 16in-JAY2105, 15½in x 18in-JAY2106, 15½in x 20in-JAY2107(+ £71.00), 17in x 16in-JAYM2100, 17in x 17in-JAY2117, 17in x 18in-JAY210118, 17in x 20in-JAYM2103(+ £71.00), 18in x 16in-JAY2100, 18in x 18in-JAY2101, 18in x 20in-JAY2103(+ £71.00), 20in x 16in-JAY2116(+ £71.00), 20in x 18in-JAY2118(+ £71.00), 20in x 20in-JAY2102(+ £143.00), 24in x 20in-JAY2104(+ £143.00)


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