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Latest: Motability offering refund & bonus money

Latest: Motability offering refund & bonus money

The Government announcements regarding COVID-19 are having a major impact on the Scheme. Most dealership showrooms are now closed meaning they are unable to accept any orders, manage handovers, or car returns.

However they want to reassure you that we will support you where possible to help you remain mobile during this time.

Two key points that relate to financial help available include:

With less traffic on the roads as a result of the lockdown, will I be eligible for a refund from my Scheme insurance?

Yes, as lockdown has led to fewer drivers on the road, the Scheme is seeing a lower level of claims, enabling it to share this saving with customers. We have made this decision in consultation with Motability, the Charity. As a result, we are set to send an insurance-based refund of £50 to all customers.

There is no need for customers to contact us in connection with this, as we will automatically issue this insurance refund as soon as possible from the second half of May and throughout June.


I have a Motability Scheme car; how can I get help if I’m in temporary financial need owing to the COVID-19 situation?

Motability Scheme customers who are experiencing temporary and exceptional financial need in relation to COVID-19 are able to access an advance of the £600 Good Condition Bonus (GCB) usually paid at the end of a lease.

This GCB payment can be brought forward to provide support during the COVID-19 lockdown, ensuring that customers in need have access to money during a period when they may need it most. Please note that customers who choose to take this payment early would not therefore receive a further GCB at the end of contract – a point when some customers like to put this towards an Advance Payment on their new car.

As Motability Scheme lease instalments are made through direct payment from the Government, it is not possible to reschedule payments to be repaid later, so this arrangement offers an alternative route to flexibility for customers.

To enable us to deal with requests from customers needing exceptional help as quickly and efficiently as possible, we would ask that customers complete our online form to request a call back from a member of our Customer Services team.

Alternatively you can call us on 0300 020 5050, but please bear with us, as we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and you may have to wait longer than usual.

Customers who have already received a GCB for their current car clearly won’t be in a position to take advantage of this arrangement.

Similarly, customers who lease a scooter or powered wheelchair will be able to gain access to their £100 End of Contract Bonus in the same way.



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