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Fitness equipment for wheelchair users

Fitness equipment for wheelchair users

Getting fit or losing weight is not easy – and it’s somewhat a little harder if you are wheelchair users. But it’s not impossible!

Did you know what in fact using your arms and upper body increases your heart rate more than using your legs? – what this means is you can actually more more calories using your arms that using your legs! But how do you do this?…

We have taken a look at some exercise equipment out there and will be featuring them on The Accessible Planet – first up is the Invictus Active Trainer. WOW – it’s an impressive trainer, it’s essentially a treadmill for a wheelchair which connects to your phone or tablet and records all your data. It’s been developed by wheelchair users who obviously understand wheelchairs and have first hand experience.

The video below is defiantly worth a watch…

Invictus Active Trainer