Properties With Wheelchair Access

Daily living for wheelchair users requires modifications which lead to developing properties with wheelchair access. Such homes lend confidence and independence to people who can now go about their homes and reach the most used areas in them without needing help. Physical access is an important part of daily life, and wheelchair users can appreciate the convenience and comfort of wheelchair accessible properties. When looking to move home its often worth considering buying a property that is already adapted and have good wheelchair access, something that we can now offer with our partnership with Mobility Friendly Homes.

To achieve wheelchair access, different alterations can be needed, depending on the specific circumstances. They can involve minor changes, such as lowering of light switches to comfortable heights. When the capacity of homes needs to be extended, moving property may prove to be the solution for obtaining wheelchair access properties.

When building activities need to be carried out, first make sure builders are professionally qualified to carry out your project. Hiring an occupational therapist is another step you can choose. Then you will obtain professional advice with respect to the options you have to fit within your budget and achieve your renovated accessible home.

Achieving wheelchair adapted properties can be linked to providing enough space, for example for the fitting of through floor lifts. Other typical measures undertaken comprise widening of the property doors, building of ramps, adapting bathing facilities, adjusting kitchens, raising toilets, etc. Having enough space to carry out such modifications is the most important factor.

Extensions are the solution for achieving properties with wheelchair access. Extensions can be achieved in the traditional way, by using bricks and mortar. An increasingly popular method of extending existing homes is the modular building method. In this method, the rooms needed to achieve wheelchair accessible homes are built from sustainable materials and are assembled on factory sites. Then they are transferred into place by means of cranes. Such modular constructions can be left as self contained units on the property.