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Now, wheelchair racing athletes can enjoy the benefits of an upper body workout with the new SMART racing chair rollers. Excellent for building muscle, increasing stamina, improving coordination and refining your pushing technique.

  • Includes set of rollers and detachable front section
  • Folds up for easy transportation or storage
  • SMART sensor lets you keep track of your progress
  • Individual arm control

Users of regular wheelchairs have been enjoying the benefits of the Invictus Active Roller for some time. Now, athletes who use racing wheelchairs can enjoy the same opportunity to improve their physical condition and enhance their racing capabilities.

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Rear driving wheels

There are four rollers where the rear driving wheels are positioned. These are attached by an adjustable bar, to a stand where the front wheel is located and which remains stationary. The user can concentrate totally on their pushing technique with no need to worry about the road ahead. Furthermore, you can secure weights to the rollers to give a different feel with the change of momentum. Also, you can alter both the momentum and the resistance for each arm individually. This allows you to customise your workout to best suit your training program.

These racing chair rollers are lightweight and easy to transport as they come apart and fold up.

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Racing Chair Rollers

SMART Sensor

They can be used both inside or outdoors. That means, you can take them to the track for some warm-up or cool-down exercise, and use them for at-home training as well.

Record speed and distance !

The SMART sensor monitors the distance covered and the speed you reach. As it is Bluetooth enabled you can download the app to your smartphone and keep a record of all your workout statistics.

The SMART racing chair rollers can help you to reach higher speeds and cover longer distances. Athletes around the country are discovering just how much their performance can be improved by using them. Are you ready to go for gold?

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-225Days -12Hours -58Minutes -40Seconds