RGK Front Wheel Wheelchair

The RGKall-terrain outdoor wheelchair accessory

The RGKall-terrain outdoor wheelchair accessory is a top-quality addition to any wheelchair. It enables wheelchair users to get outdoors, tackle rough roads, and travel across muddy and grassy paths with ease.

The accessory keeps the front castor wheels of your chair off the ground as youmaneuver challenging paths. As a result, you get to enjoy immense mobility and independence.

All terrain outdoor wheelchair accessory

The Ultimate Outdoor Wheelchair Accessory


The FrontWheel is so far one of the best freewheel attachments due to the following reasons:

  • Compatibility – This accessory is compatible with most wheelchairs from diverse manufacturers. All RGK wheelchairs are compatible. If you intend to purchase it from a brand other than RGK, your retailer will help you to carry out a compatibility check to ensure it perfectly fits your wheelchair.
  • Maximum fit – The freewheel is designed to fit the footrest of most rigid-frame wheelchairs. Using it ensures a secure fit for all footrests that are less than 4.5”.
  • Better resistance –The front wheel features less resistance than castor wheels. Thus,it moves easily on any surface and its large size offers better stability than other wheelchair accessories.
  • Ease of storage – This FrontWheel features better attachment than castor wheels accessories. Users find it easy to tuck the wheelchair away after use because of its ability to remain firmly in place when stowing it.
  • Simple installation process – The wheel’s compact size makes it easy to install and remove. This is because itcomes with mounting clamps that fit the chair frame during installation. Users do not need to move their feet when installing it.
  • Strong Connection – It has a three-point connection that attaches to the main frame and beneath the footrest. This connection holds the wheel in place, even in the most challenging terrain.
  • Lightweight- The accessory is exceptionally light, and it does not add any additional weight to thewheelchair at all.

The FrontWheel is an add-on accessory that makes your chair more flexible to everyday situations enabling you to travel across grass, cobbles, mud, gravel.


RGKFront WheelNot Ideal for all wheelchairs

The only disadvantage of this accessory is that it does not fit on wheelchairs with a footrest that is higher than 4.5”. For you to use it on such wheelchairs, you will need to purchase a custom frame for your chair.


Ultimately, the RGKFrontWheel All-Terrain Outdoor Wheelchair Accessory is a necessary addition to all manual wheelchairs with a rigid frame. Despite the few challenges experienced when using the all-terrain wheelchair accessory, most people still prefer it over other accessories because of its numerous benefits.

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