Wheelchair Access Motorhome For Hire

One of the most romantic holiday adventures, is the idea of climbing into a wheelchair accesssible motorhome, kitted out with a fold out bed, a wind up roof, a sink, cooker, and pull out awning, and heading off to find some freedom. istorically motorhomes have not been very easy to access for people with mobility issues, particularly those who need to access the vehicle in their wheelchair However that fact is no longer the case, as the UK now has available wheelchair disabled accessible motorhome hire and rent, also known as recreational vehicles, RVs or campervans.

So what is a wheelchair accessible motor home?  Essentially it is a mobile home, built into a larger van, which can be driven around where-ever you would like to visit, and parked up for short stops through to overnight stays, depending on local regulations.  The difference the wheelchair accessible campervans bring is that they have been specifically designed to accommodate travellers who need to at the very least get in and out of the vehicle in their wheelchairs, and then move around inside the van within their chairs.

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A fully accessible motorhome which you can easily access from a side entry wheelchair lift and sit as a passenger up front remaining in your wheelchair.

The design elements include a living area where the sink and hob fold down easily ready to be used, the dining table slots into place and there is a built in fridge so drinks are always chilled and ready. Getting the bed ready consists of folding the double bench seat flat, shutting the blinds and pulling out the duvet from the built in cupboards – there is also the option of a second bed in the roof compartment. To extend the living space you can remove the front seats with ease.

If you are looking for wheelchair accessible motorhome hire then it’s more than worth getting in touch and find out more – you can complete the quick form to your right or call them direct and have a chat.

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Accessible Motorhomes are also now available with automatic gearboxes, which means that many of the driving adaptations fitted to regular vehicles to allow Disabled Drivers access to driving, can now be fitted to camper vans.  The independence that this delivers allows you as the Disabled Person to have the choice to be the driver of the RV, rather than just the passenger, and be fully in control of where and when you want go travelling in an camper van.

In addition there are now many camp sites that now offer good access facilities when you get to them, which can range from fully accessible washing facilities, through to swimming pools, children’s play areas, and entertainment complexes. Therefore, with time invested in planning, a fantastic wheelchair accessible adventure is available for you to start dreaming about.

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