Improve Immune System Wheelchair Users

As a wheelchair user your legs are static, on one position, for long periods of time. This reduces blood circulation in the legs can lead to problems. Moving the legs and getting the ‘legs going’ is also often easier said then done! – but there are ways to improve blood circulation for wheelchair users and we take a look at some equipment that can help below… There are two types of bikes that offer some of the greatest benefits in the areas of maintaining muscle tone, and preventing muscle wasting and increasing blood flow; The YouBike and the Berkel Bike.

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1) Invictus Active Trainer - Wheelchair Treadmill

Exercise is very important to improve your immune system wheelchair user and one way to achieve this is cardio workouts that can be done indoors using your wheelchair. Just like a treadmill for someone running the Invictus Active Trainer is a treadmill for a wheelchair. BUY IT HERE.

  • Easy exercise, any manual wheelchair
  • Available to be delivered anywhere in the World
  • Best cardio wheelchair machine – build your immune system!

Coronavirus wheelchair user

2) YouBike - from £1395

The YouBike is a world first; the first of its’ kind to be designed specifically of wheelchair users to help maintain cardiovascular health. The unique design of this bike makes it very versatile for all users. The overall height adjustability allows for its use by anyone, with almost any size wheelchair. The bike also comes with a calf support to help ensure your feet stay in the pedals.

Whether your immobility was caused by accidental circumstances, a diseases or illness, aging or excess weight, you need not be confined nor does your health need to suffer any further deterioration.

The design of this bike also allows for exercise while you remain in bed.
Used by professional physical therapists to treat their patients, you can work at home, on your own, to keep yourself in good physical shape using this bike. Its light weight aluminium design is strong making it easily portable. The hand and foot cranks are connected. This design allows for the arms to exercise the immobile legs, thus helping to maintain, and even regain, some muscle tone and increasing blood flow. As an added bonus you can keep track of distance, time, speed and calories you burn during your exercise regimen. The YouBike is a great way to improve blood circulation as a wheelchair user.

Fitness bike Paraplegic
Use the YouBike from your wheelchair.

3) Berkel Bike - from £6995

The Berkel Bike is a tricycle style hand bike, with a wide base, providing a very stable ride. This bike provides people who have little or no use of their legs the freedom to get out and about on their own.

The hand and foot pedals are attached so as you use your arms to propel the bike forward you are also giving your leg muscle the exercise they require to keep the tissue toned. All this can help slow or reduce any muscle wasting of unused lower limbs and at the same time improve circulation of your lower body. The adjustable back height allows for maximum comfort while the availability of 8 gears gives you the option to challenge yourself to get fitter, and stronger. The Berkel Bike pro can be equipped with FES, or functional electrical stimulation. This is a software program that stimulates the muscles’ nerve endings. By recognizing the position of your legs the program can provide electrical stimulation, at appropriate times, giving your legs the ability to help propel the bike forward. This is a superb feature that contributes even more to your ability to be once again independent in movement.

The emotional health benefits of this bike are obvious and improve blood circulation wheelchair users, but it will also deliver extremely positive outcomes on your physical health, including better circulation, improved immune system functioning, plus reducing leg muscle cramping and pain. The combination of movement and increased circulation helps to prevent the development of pressure sores. Regular use of either the YouBike or the Berkel arm and leg exercise bikes will help to increase and support your state of health, and your overall quality of life.

Paraplegic fitness legs and arms Berkel Bike
Fitness equipment for Paraplegic.

Keep the legs moving and imporve blood circulation with YouBike and Berkel Bike!