Wheelchair Accessible VW Transporter

Wheelchair Accessible VW Transporter

The VW Transporter is a great choice of wheelchair accessible Volkswagen – it’s a popular van that has sold millions Worldwide and with the size of the vehicles coverts into a wheelchair accessible VW Transporter very well – either with a manual ramp or a platform lift.

As with alot of models there are a number of options available to you from the ‘wheelchair access’ point – you can have a Transporter which has been converted with an electric lift into the side, such as the Brook Miller conversion, or a manual ramp out of the rear which is widely available as a used WAV.

If the wheelchair user will be a passenger then you also need to consider where they will be sitting – there is the ‘up-front’ option, where you can sit as a front passenger facing forward and the rear passenger where you sit in the back. There are also wheelchair access VW Transporters available as ‘drive-from’ – which allows you to drive the vehicle from the wheelchair.

The stock feed below is a live feed of VW Transporter used wheelchair accessible vehicles available for sale in the UK from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers – free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles – or find a local dealer to visit in person.

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Adaptation Types:

If you have problems with mobility and need some adaptations to allow you to drive safely there are certain features that can be used on an ordinary vehicle and a wheelchair accessible VW Transporter such as:

Remote Control

With a remote control you can make use of such features as lights, horn or windscreen wipers. This can all be done using a single control, which could be sited on the steering wheel.

Hand Control

This features a pull/push device allowing acceleration/braking by the pushing or pulling of a lever. This does away with the need for foot pedals.

Accelerators ~ Left Foot

If you have limited movement in your right side but your left side is fully functional, a left foot accelerator can be fitted. The original accelerator can be folded up out of the way but can be unfolded and used again for an able bodied driver.

Extensions for Foot Pedals

If you have difficulty operating a pedal you can have an extension fitted to your Volkswagen Transporter.

Aid for Steering

If a normal steering wheel is difficult to hold and turn, a ball for steering could be fitted. This would give you more control when driving, as it is held in the hand and turns the wheel correctly.

Electronic Accelerator

This consists of a ring either above or below the steering wheel that lets you accelerate using not as much effort as a hand operated push/pull control. An electronic accelerator also comes with a hand operated push brake taking away the need for foot pedals.

Side entry wheelchair lift VW Transporter.

Controls operated Remotely

A single hand control fitted to the steering wheel, for operating lights, horn, wind- screen wipers, signalling etc. In most cases the vehicle’s original controls and features can still be put to use so anyone else can still drive the wheelchair VW Transporter. It is important to bear in mind, however, that most driving controls will require an automatic gearbox.

Side entry wheelchair lift VW Transporter.
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