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As we all know, WAVs are vehicles that are converted to enable anyone using a wheelchair to access them and drive to the destination of their choice while still remaining seated in their wheelchair and a wheelchair accessible Kia Sedona is a great choice. It is not necessary that the person using the wheelchair to be the driver but they could be the passenger as well. All in all an accessible Kia Sedona is a vehicle that a person using a wheelchair can easily get in and out without any difficulties. Disabled wheelchair adapted Sedona’s have specific features that enable this to happen. Most WAVs are fitted with ramps on either side or at the back of the car. However, some are fitted with lifts especially the larger vehicles. The main purpose of both the ramps and the lifts is to allow access to the vehicle.

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A Kia Sedona is a very nice luxury type of WAV and available at great prices as you can see within our used stock section below. Most are normally fitted with a ramp as they are not expensive as compared to lifts when the original conversion was carried out, although many in stock have electirc lifts also. They are two kinds of ramps and each is distinctive with the way it operates. The one that is more common is the manual ramp which is physically operated by a carer. The carer manually folds and unfolds the ramp from either side or the back of the car.

Some of these ramps are fitted with a spring to make it easy to operate. The other ramp is the automatic one that is operated with just a touch of a button. It is important to know the length and angle of the ramp as they are not the same. Some may make you have trouble when pulling a wheelchair in and out of the car. Lifts are more common in larger vehicles if your carer finds it difficult to push your wheelchair up a ramp into the wheelchair adapted Kia Sedona. But, WAVs that are normally fitted with lifts are more costly than ones fitted with ramps and also require some extra care like servicing every year.

The stock feed below is a live feed of Kia Sedona used wheelchair accessible vehicles available for sale in the UK from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers – free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles – or find a local dealer to visit in person.


Thing you should know before getting a WAV

If your carer has trouble pushing your wheel chair up a ramp into the WAV, an electric winch may come handy. This is a harness that can be fitted to the wheel chair to make it easy to get it into the WAV. Consult with your converter for more details.

Think about where you normally park your vehicle. Is there enough space for you to access your WAV with a ramp of a lift?

Think about which WAV will suit your needs best. Do you need a WAV with the lift or ramp fitted on the sides or at the back? Do you require a drive from wheelchair or as a passenger? WAV’s are available where you can drive from sitting in your wheelchair and no need to transfer.

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