Wheelchair Accessible Fiat Multipla

Wheelchair Accessible Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla is a popular car – although a few years ago now it actually won Top Gear car of the year in 1999 – converted to be a wheelchair accessible Fiat Multipla it is the ideal sized WAV if you are looking for 3 passengers plus the wheelchair user. It may also be possible to have 4 passengers depending on the conversion, although these are less common on the used market.

A wheelchair access Fiat Multipla is also the right size to be a passenger up front – where the wheelchair user sits up front next to the driver in the normal passenger position. This is a popular type of WAV and more so if there is usually only the driver and passenger on journeys or long trips are often, it’s nicer for both parties if the chair user is sitting up front with the driver.

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1) First of all consider the size you would need. This may depend, partly, on the size of the wheelchair you use.
2) Do you travel regularly with other people? If so, how many seats would you require for your passengers?
3) Do you regularly have to take equipment, or possibly, luggage with you?

Fiat Multipla Ramp Access.

Considering all this may make your decision easier when you choose the size of the vehicle, perhaps a small Wheelchair Accessible Fiat Multipla which would probably have at least another rear seat and can comfortably seat four people to include the user of the wheelchair. If you travel with more passengers plus equipment that you need on a daily basis, perhaps the medium size would suit you better. Some medium sized WAVs may be fitted with an electric lift but most have a ramp for ease of entry. A large WAV may be the answer if you travel with more passengers and therefore need extra seats. Perhaps you also travel with a lot of equipment and therefore a large vehicle would be more suitable. These vehicles are also fitted with a lift or ramp to assist entry into the vehicle.

When you have decided on the size of the WAV you will need, then think about the make of vehicle you would like and it may be that a Fiat Multipla is suitable and the ideal choice – we can help you find one for sale so feel free to contact us.

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