Skoda Roomster Wheelchair

Skoda Roomster Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair access cars help people with permanent or temporary mobility issues to easily get in and out of their cars. A wheelchair accessible Skoda Roomster can help the Disabled Person to move straight to the driver’s seat and start driving the vehicle or sit as a passenger in the rear or ride up front, depending on the conversion.

With a name like the Roomster, you can tell this MPV is selling itself on the amount of room it fits into a small frame. The cabin is spacious, and its known for being a good drive. There are 13 versions currently available in the UK, ranging from a 1.2 litre 5-door, to a 1.6 TDI. One thing you’ll note is that the diesel engine has quite a distinctive tone which can make it a bit loud for some.

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The Skoda Roomster Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Features:

The Skoda Roomster is one such wheelchair adapted car that offers a number of premium features, including 4-point chair securing with an individual lap and diagonal seat belt for the person travelling in the wheelchair. This wheelchair friendly vehicle has three separate seats on top of the chair occupied by the wheelchair user.

The Roomster also comes with a ramp-lowered floor, an easy to operate electric winch, colour-coded bumpers and mirrors, an immobilizer, a driver airbag, passenger airbag, power-assisted steering and a radio CD. The Skoda Roomster wheelchair accessible vehicle is available brand new already converted in the United Kingdom and there is also a wide choice available on the used market.

The stock feed below is a live feed of over 500 used wheelchair accessible vehicles available for sale in the UK from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers – free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles – or find a local dealer to visit in person.


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Customers looking to buy a Skoda Roomster from a reputed dealer in the United Kingdom can make use of the online listing of dealers provided at

The Accessible Planet has been in the business of wheelchair accessible vehicles promotion for a number of years. We provide a user-friendly way to search for a wheelchair accessible Skoda Roomster. You can search directly for a particular model such as the Skoda Roomster, or look for a model based on year of manufacturing, price, type etc.

The website provides a number of search options for users including the make, model, age of the vehicle, colour of the vehicle and also the price range within which one is looking for a wheel chair accessible vehicle. Based on the search criteria given, you are provided with a list of wheel chair accessible cars and the dealers where these wheelchair accessible cars can be obtained.

The Accessible Planet lists only the dealers who have been providing quality wheelchair accessible vehicles for a sufficient period in the region. Customers looking for Skoda Roomster dealers will be provided with the dealer information along with the exact location of the dealer. Information regarding whether the dealer would be able to deliver the vehicle to different locations in United Kingdom is also available.

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