Second Hand Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Second Hand Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

We have partnered with most of the leading second hand wheelchair accessible vehicles dealer across the UK and as a result have within our stock feed hundreds of second hand WAVs available to view – and if you wish arrange a free home demo.

Some WAVs have a rear suspension lowering system where the rear of the car is dropped nearer the ground to reduce the angle of ascent into the vehicle.  This gives more rear space as it means a shorter ramp can be fitted inside the car.

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There are two types of suspension for lowering the floor:

Hydraulic where hydraulic rams squeeze the suspension springs at the rear and thereby reduce the length of spring travel lowering the floor nearer to the ground. This would appear to be the most common and reliable system used.

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Air where the height of the vehicle is determined by what amount of air is pumped into air bags on either side of the mounting brackets on the vehicle’s suspension. When a wheelchair access is required, air is driven out of these bags thus allowing the suspension to lower.  When it is needed to rise a compressor will activate and pump air into the system again.  The only snags with this system could be a breakdown if an air bag punctures, an airbag is not aligned properly, if an air line splits or the compressor fails.
second hand wheelchair accessible vehicles

Tie – Downs

A tie down is the method employed to keep a wheelchair secure and restrained inside the second hand wheelchair accessible vehicles.  It usually consists of four webbed straps fasted to the floor of the car with a form of attachment to the wheelchair.  When the wheelchair is in place the straps are adjusted to ensure the wheelchair is secure.    These tie in systems vary in different vehicles depending on the original specification or, if the vehicle is ‘pre-loved’, on the preference of the previous owner.  However, they are all easy and practical to use.

Safety Issues

In addition to the tie down system WAVs will come with a three point seatbelt fitted for use when the vehicle is in motion.

Second hand wheelchair accessible vehicles are available from as a low as £995 – already converted and suitable for a wheelchair user to remain seated in their own wheelchair for the duration of the journey.

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