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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Liverpool

Being a wheelchair User, and requiring access to a vehicle in your wheelchair, can be seen as an obstacle by many people to being able to travel, either independently or as a passenger. However there are many solutions available to wheelchairs users to be able to travel comfortably and safely in our wheelchairs in both the front and rear of vehicles, which have been specifically designed or adapted for our use.

These vehicles are commonly known as wheelchair accessible vehicles Liverpool or also referred to as, adapted vehicles or disabled wheelchair cars Liverpool. These are available from a range of manufacturers and can be purchased both new and for many of us more affordably second hand, when you are a private buyer. There are second hand WAV dealers throughout the UK and many of them have featured thier Second Hand wheelchair vehicles here on The Accessible Planet.com.

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The stock feed below is a live feed of used wheelchair accessible vehicles available for sale in the North West from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers – free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles – or find a local dealer to visit in person.

WAV’s for sale below – browse, search and filter the stock below – click any vehicle to contact dealer direct and make an enquiry:

So is a WAV what you need?

If it is, then you need to establish what is the best sort of accessible vehicles Liverpool for you.

There are three main types of adapted car:

1) The Passenger WAV, where the wheelchair user is the passenger and travels in their chair.

2) The Internal Transfer WAV which is where the driver of the vehicle accesses the vehicle in their chair and then transfers to the driving position.

3) The Drive From Wheelchair Access Car which is where the wheelchair user is the driver of the vehicle, and not only do they access the vehicle in their chair but they, as the name suggests, drive from their chair, which will be automatically clamped in and any appropriate safety and driving controls will have been designed and installed to meet the drivers specific needs.

Cars which are fully wheelchair accessible.

The other main consideration when deciding upon which wheelchair accessible vehicles Liverpool style you require is to ensure that whatever vehicle you have will meet all of your travelling needs, so for example making sure it has enough seats for all your family and support requirements, or that it is big enough to carry either the work or leisure equipment that you use, such as wheelchair basketball chairs, or fishing gear, or horse riding tack etc….

If after reading this you think, ‘I need a WAV’ then why not head over to our second hand WAV directory and find yourself a great vehicle that will meet your needs.

Liverpool is a Merseyside metropolitan borough that lies along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. The city origins can be traced back to the 11th century when it started as a borough and became a city in the late 19th century. It terms of population, it is the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom and the third in England. The growth of the city is largely due to its status as a major port. The city growth is mainly attributed to the trade from mainland Europe, Ireland and the West Indies. Liverpool is best known for its pioneering innovations as the skyscraper, ferries and railways were all started in the city.

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