Wheelchair Access Vehicles Newcastle

Wheelchair Access Vehicles Newcastle

A wheelchair accessible vehicle can make a huge improvement  in the quality of life of a wheelchair user as well as being of immense benefit for carers needing to transport patients in chairs. Before purchasing, any vehicle there are many things to consider, and with one that has wheelchair access, there are even more points that should be contemplated prior to making a decision. The following information may be of help finding wheelchair access vehicles Newcastle.

Driver or Passenger.

The kind of vehicle you require will most importantly depend on whether the wheelchair user is going to be the driver of the vehicle or is to travel as a passenger. As a passenger, you need to decide if you want to travel up front, next to the driver, or in the rear of the vehicle. If you decide on a rear position be sure to take into account if you will be travelling sideways, if you have reasonable visibility through the windows, and if you would be able to communicate easily if there were other passengers, either in wheelchairs or in normal seats. If you want to be able to drive the vehicle you can choose to do so from your wheelchair or to pass from your chair into the driving seat. Consider your capacities and limitations to decide which would be best for you.

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Wheelchair access vehicles Newcastle.

Wheelchair compatibility.

Not all wheelchairs are suitable for use in wheelchair accessible vehicles Newcastle. Make sure that your chair has the correct fittings to be securely attached in place, to attach to the ramp hoist (if necessary) and to use the safety harness.

Rear or side entry.

Side entry vehicles are usually more convenient in town as you will descend from the vehicle straight onto the pavement, although in car parks it can be tricky to find a suitable location. Rear entry vehicles require leaving sufficient space at the rear to lower the ramp and to manoeuvre in. Consider where you live, and the places which you visit regularly to help you to decide which would be more convenient for you.

Lift or Ramp.

Ramps can be lowered manually or powered, and they usually require more space than lifts. The slope should not be greater than 1 in 4 so that a powered chair can get up it. The main disadvantage with a ramp is that unless there is room to turn around in the vehicle you have to come out in reverse which can be disconcerting. Lifts are perhaps more convenient, but also more expensive.

Size and space.

Consider the  size of vehicle you need in order to be able to access the places you need to go and make sure that it will fit  in your garage. Consider the interior space you need  for extra passengers, luggage etc. While a smaller vehicle may be more economical to run you don’t want to end up with insufficient room to be comfortable inside.

Custom or pre-converted.

You may be able to find a pre-converted vehicle which suits your needs, but do be sure to physically test all aspects of the different functions, to make sure that it really does satisfy your requirements. If you are looking for a drive-from-chair vehicle you will most probably need to have the vehicle custom converted to meet your specific needs, especially if the driving controls also need to be modified. Make sure to choose a registered conversion expert who guarantees that the vehicle meets all the required safety and legal standards.

Buy or hire.

Hiring wheelchair access vehicles Newcastle is useful for an occasional outing and can avoid a large initial outlay of cash. However, for most people, the benefits of having their own wheelchair accessible vehicle makes the investment worthwhile. We can assist you with buying, hiring or selling a wheelchair accessible vehicle through one of our reputable dealers located throughout the UK.

A  wheelchair accessible vehicle really can make a huge difference in your life and the options that are available to you, so find out all the details by getting I contact with us soon.

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