Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Northampton

Wheelchair Accessibe Vehicles Northampton

The basic advantage of owning wheelchair accessible vehicles Northampton is the ease of travelling with a wheelchair. However, you may lose out on all the fun if the vehicle doesn’t ensure you easy access. You need to make sure whether or not the accessible vehicle is equipped with features to help you get in and out of it. Most wheelchair accessible vehicles come equipped with either a ramp or a lift to help the users access the vehicle. These features help the carer to push the wheel chair into the vehicle without the user facing any problem. A wheelchair access car allows access either from the side or rear end. You can choose one as per your specific preference and convenience. The way in which the vconversion of wheelchair accessible car Northampton was orginally done determines the method of access.

The stock feed below is a live feed of used wheelchair accessible vehicles available for sale in the Midlands from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers – free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles – or find a local dealer to visit in person.

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Lifts for WAVs

Lifts are not as common with wheel chair accessible vehicles as they can only really be fitted into larger vehicles. The lift helps the carer to drive the wheelchair up the access ramp. Lifts are costlier and require service on yearly basis.

Points to Consider

  • Using an electric winch (strap attached to wheelchair) is important to ensure easy drive in of wheel chair.
  • Before buying or renting a wheel chair accessible vehicle Northampton, you should consider the parking space. You should have adequate space to accommodate a lift or ramp.
  • Ramps and lifts are built-in towards the rear end of wheel chair access vehicle.
Ramp or Lift Northampton.

Ramps for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Most of the WAVs available on the market are available with a ramp. These are fitted to ensure easy access to the user. It is crucial to understand the functions of a ramp prior to making a purchase. You can choose from two types of ramps; manual and automatic. The choice depends on your convenience and budget.

With a manual ramp, the carer must use physical strength to push the wheel chair inside the WAV. The process needs a lot of practise and attention. If your main concern is budget, then a manual ramp will fit you’re your needs. Automatic ramps or electric lifts are easy to operate. You just need to press a button to fold and unfold the ramp. It saves time and efforts. However, this is quite expensive and not a viable option for budget watchers.

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