Wheelchair Access Cars Ireland

Wheelchair Access Cars Ireland

Sitting as the passenger or driving is no problem for wheelchairs user when they choose their wheelchair accessible cars Ireland. They can easily accommodate their families, load equipment, and ride or drive them for great trips in which they lack no comfort, convenience, or safety. There are many different makes and models – the most popular being the Renault Kangoo that is suitable for 3 people + wheelchair, to the larger type such as a Renault Master which is suitable for 5/6 passengers and 2 wheelchairs, depending on the conversion.

Wheelchair access vehicles Ireland are designed specially to meet the needs of people in chairs, or they are adapted to suit their needs. They are available to buy as new vehicles specially manufactured for as passenger or drivin , or there is a large selection of used WAV’s, of which you will find within this website. A convenient online spot where second hand wheelchair accessible vehicles can be found is theaccessibleplanet.com, a site that provides comprehensive listings of such vehicles. There are also a number of second hand WAV dealers around the United Kingdom.

Before people start searching, they should learn about the types of WAVs they can choose from, to determine which type best meets their needs. Wheelchair access cars Ireland are offered in three main types.

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Search WAV’s for sale:

The stock feed below is a live feed of used wheelchair accessible vehicles available for sale in the UK from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers – free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles – or find a local dealer to visit in person.

WAV’s for sale below – browse, search and filter the stock below – click any vehicle to contact dealer direct and make an enquiry:

1): Vehicles in which people ride as passengers, in their wheelchairs. This can be ‘up-front’ next to the driver or in the rear of the car.

2): The internal transfer vehicle type, offers access to a person in a wheelchair to the driving seat, and after reaching it the person can transfer to the driver’s seat and drive. The third type of WAVs is the drive from WAV – it offers access into the vehicle in a wheelchair, and enables them to remain in their chairs and drive safely, after they have securely fastened them.

3): The third type of wheelchair accessible cars also features all the safety and driving controls which are specially designed and installed.

When searching for WAVs at The Accessible Planet, people will find vehicles with different numbers of seats and different sizes, so that they can accommodate their family and their items for leisure or work.

We work with dealers across the UK – if you are a dealer get in touch!

Wheelchair cars Ireland.
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