Hire Car With Hand Controls

Hire Car With Hand Controls

One of the most frustrating elements in being a driver who requires driver adaptations in order to drive safely ad comfortably, has been the historical lack of availability of being able to hire car with hand controls or in fact any sort of driving aid or adaptation.

“lets make it easy to hire a car that has the controls and adaptations needed”

The result of this lack of service is that many of us have to make great compromises in our travel plans, whether in the UK or abroad, and indeed whether that is for a one day one way trip right through to an extended lease.

However we have some great news!  More and more companies are waking up to the fact that by not providing at least a range of basic aids and adaptations, not only may they be breaking anti-discrimination legislation, they are also missing out on a huge, vastly under utilized customer base that far out-ways the cost these adaptations may incur at purchase and installation

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Hire a car with hand controls!

Of course there are some adaptations, for example Space Drive, that are so personal to the driver and their vehicle that they can’t be offered in a hire situation.  However for many of us who simply require what you could call ’bolt-on-adaptations’ then the future of car hire with hand controls is looking rosier.

The Accessible Planet.com works with specialists and has a national network of Adapted and Accessible Car Hire companies, which will allow customers at The Accessible Planet to access firms both locally and nationally through a single point, easy to use, quote request system.

As the network of companies grows that closer to everyone an adapted or accessible hire vehicle will be available, with the net purpose of making hiring what you need, both more available and cheaper, and often with a choice of provider so that you can decide which hirer you want to use.

So no longer will the need for Hand Controls, or a Left Foot Throttle System, or an Easy Hand Brake Release System be a barrier to hiring a car that meets your needs, when and where you want to hire it.

So if you are looking to hire a vehicle with disabled hand controls then we can provide a quote and price – from 1 day to a full week.

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