Wheelchair Disability Cars Bournemouth

Wheelchair Adapted Disability Cars Bournemouth

If you are in Bournemouth and looking for hire or buy a wheelchair car then we can help! – here at The Accessible Planet we have the largest selection of wheelchair accessible cars Bournemouth.

WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, and is simply a car that has been converted such that it can carry a wheelchair user with ease or allow a wheelchair user to drive it while they remained seated on their wheelchair. These vehicles appear as other normal vehicles on the outside but they are fitted with some features to make it easy for a wheelchair user to access and ultimately drive it. Choosing a wheelchair car Bournemouth has always been difficult for most people especially if you don’t know what to look for – but not anymore!

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Actually, when it comes down to selecting a WAV, there are various features available that can make your driving experience a lot easier that it is. Well, not all features come as part of the conversion; you may need to pay a little extra to have some of the features fitted to your adapted vehicle if you need them. Almost half of WAV customers regret after shopping a WAV without making the necessary research. So as much as you may think you know enough, you should always ensure you have made the necessary research before committing yourself to specific disability cars Bournemouth.

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The stock feed below is a live feed of used wheelchair accessible vehicles available for sale in Dorset and the South West of the UK from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers – free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles – or find a local dealer to visit in person.

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Always have a list of the items you want to shop so as you don’t end up buying thing you don’t need. It is also very useful when you get details of a few WAVs and compare them and see which is best suited for your needs. WAVs are sold in different shapes and sizes and you are certain to find one that best suits your needs. Our WAVs are classified as small, medium and large to make you easy to choose. The main things when thinking about the size of WAV you want are:

Your wheelchair size

No of your regular passengers

Size of your daily load


These are wheelchair accessible vehicles Bournemouth are fitted with ramp to make the vehicle accessible to the wheelchair user. They can carry up to 4 people with the wheelchair user included. They normally have a lowered floor to make movements of in and out of the vehicle a lot easier.


Medium wheelchair vehicles best suits those with a larger wheelchair or usually travel with a lot of luggage or carry four or more people regularly. Most of these WAVs are fitted with ramps but there are a few that are fitted with lifts. These kinds of WAVS carry more than five people with the wheelchair user included.


Large disability cars Bournemouth are most suitable for those who have a large wheelchair, carry heavy luggage and travel with a lot of passengers more often. Large WAVs can have a lift or a ramp depending on your choice. However, WAVs with lifts usually cost more than the normal ones.

Wheelchair cars Bournemouth.
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