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UberWAV – wheelchair accessible Uber

UberWAV – wheelchair accessible Uber

UberWAV is the name of the service offered for wheelchair and mobility scooter users by the private taxi company UBER.

To use the service, you will first need to download their free app on your smartphone. Signing in takes just a couple of minutes, and as you register either a credit or debit card or PayPal account for payment you will never have to worry about having cash on hand to pay for the ride.

To request a wheelchair accessible vehicle, open the app, and in the ‘where to’ box enter your destination. Next, at the bottom of the screen select the option ’WAV’ and then hit ‘Request WAV.’ The vehicle details and the driver’s photo will then appear, along with a map to follow their progress. The average waiting time is fifteen minutes, and with their door-to-door service, you can wait safely inside until the car arrives.  When the vehicle arrives, for your safety, check that the details match those sent to you before getting into the vehicle.

The cost of uberWAV is comparable to the rate for their regular service (UberX), and is, on average, 40-percent cheaper than a normal taxi. They operate all day every day, and there is adequate space in an uberWAV for additional passengers and service animals are, of course, allowed to ride along.

All uberWAV drivers are specially trained to assist you getting into and out of the vehicles, which are equipped with all the necessary equipment for a safe and comfortable ride. Uber encourages users to send anonymous feedback regarding the driver, the vehicle and the trip in general, to help them to improve the service they offer.

Once you have agreed that the destination details are correct you can request a specific route or let your driver choose, and relax and enjoy the ride.  During the journey, you can follow your progress on the map and send an ETA to friends or family waiting at your destination.