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Shingo Kunieda has been in a wheelchair since he was 9, owing to a tumour he had in his spinal cord. The tumour left his lower body paralysed. However, he was a person who wanted to progress and achieve. He graduated the Reitaku University in Japan, and besides his successful career in tennis he also works for the university.

Shingo Kunieda wheelchair tennis player is a model of what people with a lot of determination and inspiration can do to attain the heights in sports like tennis, playing in a wheelchair. The tennis player who is famous for a lot of prizes, among which ITF world champion titles for several consecutive years, from 2007 to 2010, can also boast titles like the Grand Slam in 2009 and in 2010, to name but a few. People following his sporting feats also know that Shingo Kunieda is the only player who can boast the retaining of his title in men’s singles in the Paralympic Games.

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Shingo Kunieda

The player approaches his participation in championships and games with unflinching yearning to succeed. After Shingo Kunieda wheelchair tennis player defended his title in the Paralympics with overwhelming success, he shared with interviewers the dream he always cherishes – to achieve success and prove that playing from a wheelchair does not prevent people avid for sporting success to make their dreams come true. The road to his Paralympic Games title in men’s singles was hard, and his career was dotted with some losses among the numerous victories. The year 2012 was especially successful for Shingo Kunieda. Not only did he defend his Paralympic Games title he had been looking forward to winning for years, but he also scored a number of other victories, like the victory in the French Open, the Swiss Open, and the British Open – the last one for the fourth time.