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Sign Cory’s Petition For Seat Rights For Disabled People

Sign Cory’s Petition For Seat Rights For Disabled People

Cory Shaw is a young person, who suffers from several debilitating conditions which make it very painful for her to stand for any length of time. Yet, she holds down a job and commutes daily by train. However, she frequently finds herself having to travel standing or having to ask people to give her their seat.

Although she always carries her ‘please give me a seat’ card and wears her badge, people simply do not look up to see if anyone does need them to give up their seat. Incredibly, even when asked to do so, some people actually refuse.

Now, Cory wants her, and all disabled people’s rights to be enforced. She is currently petitioning to get Transport for London to launch a new ‘Look Up’ campaign. The new campaign would have pre-recorded announcements which would be played after each stop. The announcement would say ‘Look up, does someone need your seat?’

Most trains and buses already provide upcoming stop information or ‘watch the gap’ safety announcements. Cory hopes that hearing and announcement will spurn people into action to be more considerate of the needs of fellow passengers.  The announcements could be especially helpful for people with visual impairments who need guiding towards a free seat. Also, for people whose impairments are not visibly obvious to others and who rely on people seeing their card.

TfL has so far responded by suggesting the implementation of a ‘Look Up Week’. Cory, however, does not consider this to be enough, and that it will not have the lasting effect needed to improve the quality of travel provided for disabled people.

The petition has nearly 5,000 supporters and will be used to pressure for a much-needed change in the way able-bodied people treat others on public transport.

Click here to sign now and support Cory and all disabled travellers to enforce their rights.